Match-Trader vs cTrader – the trading platforms comparison

Recent events in the forex market have shown that running a business with just one trading platform can jeopardise the business continuity of Brokers and White Label platform providers. Removing the most popular trading app from the App Store has created massive confusion in the industry. After MetaQuotes suspended sales of the White Labels for […]

Nexus Fintrade partners with Match-Trade to offer a modern trading app

Nexus Fintrade, a Malaysian CFD broker, has partnered with Match-Trade Technologies, a leading technology provider for forex and crypto brokers, to offer its clients an award-winning trading technology. Match-Trade Technologies provides Nexus Fintrade with Match-Trader, an all-in-one trading solution. The platform leverages innovative technology to bring the best trading experience for traders and ensure advanced […]

Match-Trader, a trading platform designed for the GenZ-driven generation of traders

Are Robin Hood‐inspired trading apps a threat to the CFD Brokers? Michael Nichols, our chief of sales, has analysed traders’ behaviour and expectations based on the way they navigate in the digital world. During his presentation at the iFX Expo Dubai, he shares the must-dos to prevent the outflow of traders from the Forex Broker. […]

Instant Broker Solution: Off the shelf forex business

Entrepreneurs have long been looking for a way to do business that would no longer require a lot of commitment or a significant investment at the beginning. The one that starts generating profits after only a few months and would be pandemic-proof so it can develop even in times of crisis. This solution has just […]

Match-Trader vs MetaTrader 4/5 & cTrader – the comparison of the best trading platforms

cTrader and MetaTrader 4/5 are the two most popular trading platforms available to forex market players. However, they are not the only ones worth considering. Given that both platforms were developed years ago, more and more Brokers are seeking newer tools developed according to the modern way of trading on the go.   This comparison covers […]

What are the advantages of Match-Trader platform?

How a broker should decide which trading platform to choose while setting up his forex business? Should it be the best mobile trading solution on the market, meeting all traders’ expectations? Or should he look for an all-in-one White Label platform with the best business conditions, including a monthly fee starting from $0?We have prepared […]

4 reasons why investors will fall in love with Match-Trader Platform

Progressive technology At first glance, it might seem that investors are not interested in the technology on which the platform is based. It is usually assumed that all platforms should meet market standards of functioning principles. However, in the case of a trading platform like Match-Trader, it is the technology that is responsible for all […]

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