Key Features

Take advantage of your own server


Most mobile-friendly app

The cutting-edge Progressive Web App technology makes Match-Trader accessible via browser on any operating system (iOS, Android, Blackberry), anytime, making it the perfect app to trade on-the-go


High processing capacity server

The Match-Trader platform is offered with high capacity server to guarantee maximum processing efficiency, that we have confirmed by having 100k accounts on our own server


Private client database

Broker maintain full control and exclusive access to their client database, which remains installed on the client’s account in the indicated location to guarantee maximum security


Multiple APis available

Match-Trader System provides an open trading environment accessible via various APIs to enable smooth integration with Broker’s own system and improve the work of the dealing team


Live support

We offer constant technical support for our solutions as well as help and guidance in setting platform parameters. Our support team is available to Brokers via multiple messengers


No turnover fee

Clients are charged a fixed fee for Real Active Accounts. There’s no B-Book turnover or deposit fee, and the platform setup is also free. Brokers pay for the resources they actually use

Match-Trader Ecosystem. Platform designed to plug&play.

Match-Trader Ecosystem. Platform designed to plug&play

Match-Trader platform is already integrated with the majority of distribution systems, market-leading CRMs and supporting apps. The wide range of APIs we provide allows our clients to easily integrate every application available on the market to create a complete trading ecosystem based on their current setup


Advanced technology for modern Forex Business

Match-Trader was developed using cutting-edge progressive web app technology to give Brokers the best platform and guarantee the best trading experience to their clients


Convenience for traders

The app adapts its interface and features to the device so all user’s settings are synchronized across web, mobile and desktop in real-time. It’s light-weight so it doesn’t take up storage space, therefore it offers high performance even on old generation devices

Branding possibilities

Match-Trader offers wide branding possibilities allowingBrokers to build a strong brand and stand out on themarket. The application has a logo and a name chosenby the Broker, in addition, the platform itself allows you tochange the colors of some elements

Hassle-free installation

The user path has been simplified as much as possible toincrease the conversion from leads to traders. The appis downloaded and installed directly from the Broker’swebsite, and it can be launched from an icon on thedevice’s home screen

Mobile apps in App Store

The technology also makes the Match-Trader platformact like a native app so it can be placed in popular appstores. It can significantly increase the number of tradersas users in general trust app stores and are more likely todownload apps from the store

Download the app
to get started

Download our app from the store or via browser to see how easy the installation is. You can preview the platform without registration (guest mode) or create a demo account to check all the options


Applications for brokers

Match-Trader offer wide range of back office applications allowing every broker to make modifications whenever they feel the need and manage the entire system on their own


Admin application with routing engine

Admin app gives the authority to control the wholetrading environment. Admins can create and configure instruments, create/edit managers, configure Data Feeds/ LP connections or manage charts

Manager with API

Manager’s API allows brokers to manage allof the clients’ activities and accounts in one place, including deposits and withdrawals and enables accessing various reports. It helps streamline the work of the dealing desk by closer integration with the Match-Trader system

Various APIs

Match-Trader provides an open trading environment accessible via various APls. The APls we provide allow our clients to easily integrate every application available on the market to create a complete trading ecosystem based on their current setup

SQL Reporting Server

Our platform entails functionalities of a SQL Reporting Server, thanks to which a variety of reports can be prepared (both printed and interactive), making Business Intelligence more effective and efficient


Server Licence

Go to the Knowledge Section full of guides, explaining how to become a forex broker, and brochures describing our products and services. Download whatever you need and take a look in your own time



Frequently asked questions

Do I have access to Match-Trader APIs?

We provide access to all available APIs, including the Manager API, Admin API, Backoffice API, Match-Trader API, Candle API, Websocket API, and FIX API. This allows you to integrate Match-Trader with other systems and develop custom solutions to meet your traders’ specific needs

Is there a limited number of instruments I can offer with Match-Trader?

With the Match-Trader server, you can offer your traders an unlimited number of instruments. Our platform supports all types of financial instruments, including Forex, CFDs, stocks, commodities, and more

Can I offer Match-Trader White Labels? 

Yes, you can. We have a special offer for White Label providers based on our extensive experience selling over 500 White Labels on three different platforms

Is the Match-Trader server offered with branded iOS and Google Play apps?

In addition to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that can be installed directly from the broker’s website, we can also create and upload branded mobile apps to the app stores upon Brokers’ request

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