Key Features

Key benefits MT4 / MT5 server hosting

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Cost reduction

There is no need to hire your own employees which significantly reduces costs

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High-quality experts

You are guaranteed that the best experts on the market are working for you

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All responsibility for the proper functioning of the system rests with the Match-Trade Technologies team

What we offer

  • Hosting and connectivity in the desired location (US, UK, Singapore and more)
  • Cross-connection to our Match-Trade infrastructurewith ultra-low latency
  • MT4 / MT5 Server installation and configuration of instruments, groups, gateway
  • Full monitoring of the server performance with automatic notifications
  • Failover servers available in separate data centres, DDoS protection
MT4 / MT5 Server installation and configuration of instruments, groups, gateway on a screen
MT4 / MT5 server support scheme

MT4 / MT5 Trading Server Support


Some of our clients, who own their MT4 / MT5 servers face problems with trading related issues such as instrument and groups configuration, data feed connectivity, latency arbitrage trading and dealing with client claims. Our dedicated support team can help you handle all these tasks, which usually requires adequate knowledge and trading experience

Additional tools we provide
with MT4 / MT5 Server

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MT4 / MT5 Bridge

One of the best bridging and aggregation technology expanded with Match-Trade’s in-house risk management system

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Liquidity & market data

Deep ECN liquidity across multi-asset instruments and ultra-fast Data Feeds can be added to the package at a discounted prices

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Client Office & Forex CRM

Integrated with Match2Pay Payment Gateway to help optimize the entire sales and onboarding process and convert more leads into traders

  • Server Hosting and IT maintenance
    dedicated server hosted in one of the chosen data centers, IT support of the server with full monitoring
  • Technical Support 24/7
    instrument configuration, default groups configuration, gateway and B-Book configuration, plugin consultancy
  • Integrated Liquidity
  • Bridge with RMS
  • Low latency Data Feed
  • Client Office / CRM
  • IB Room with Multilevel IB
  • Match2Pay Payment Gateway
  • Symbols


Frequently asked questions

Can I choose the location for MT4 / MT5 server hosting?

Yes. We offer servers in various locations to ensure the quickest possible execution speeds

Do I have to worry about the server maintenance? 

Our team handles server maintenance and monitoring, allowing you to focus on servicing your clients and growing your business

Do you offer technical support?

We take care of instrument configuration, default group configuration, gateway configuration, and B-Book configuration, helping you to ensure that your trading platform runs smoothly and efficiently

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