• Match-Trade January release: Improved data management in our Forex CRM


We’ve had a busy start to the new year, working on improving our solutions and introducing essential changes. We have already managed to work on our trading platform Match-Trader, Forex Broker CRM, Client Office for Traders, and Match-Trader Manager. Below you will find a short description of each change and how it will support your brokerage.

Improved data management in our Forex Broker CRM

To significantly improve data management in our Forex CRM, we introduced changes to how data is imported into the system. The import feature now has queue functionality, which streamlines the process of adding records. It is especially useful when importing big amounts of data. On the bottom is information about the estimated time left until the importing is complete.

What’s more, the export feature has two new fields: Last contact and Branch.

Benefits for Brokers:

This is a significant improvement affecting the efficiency of the entire importing process. It enables the import of multiple accounts without the risk of losing any of them. Thanks to the additional status information, the Broker can assess how quickly the data will be added and when its team will be able to work with new accounts.

Making crypto deposits in the Match-Trader platform and Client Office CRM more straightforward

We also introduced improvements to both the Match-Trader platform and Client Office CRM. The changes concern making crypto deposits.

  1. The name of the payment gateway that the trader is using is now in the header. It replaced information about the trading account to which the deposit is made. From now on, this information is below.
  2. The name of the token to be sent is now bolded.
  3. The conversion information is now at the bottom of the window.
  4. After copying the address, the status information – “Copied” appears in place of the address, which disappears after a while.

Benefits for Brokers

Improving the user experience makes both applications better equipped to meet the needs of novice users. Increased readability and minimising the risk of sending the wrong tokens help make deposits quickly and hassle-free, which boosts Broker’s turnover.

A new way of displaying the redirect payment method in Match-Trader and Client Office

We updated the redirect payment method principle. The Deposit button redirects to the subsequent view, similar to the online payment method. This view includes Payment Info (transmitted from CRM) and the URL to be redirected. A “Pay now” button redirects users to the specified URL.

If you want to learn more about the Match-Trader platform, watch the presentation that our Head of Sales, Michael Nichols, gave at the iFX Expo International in Cyprus.

Enhanced team management functionality

To allow Brokers to manage their teams effortlessly, we are constantly working on improving the Roles Management section of our Forex Broker CRM. That’s why it is now possible to control the tasks concerning leads and clients separately. 

Benefits for Brokers

Assigning employees with specific responsibilities allows having a precise distribution of tasks. Brokers can easily assign tasks to team members best suited to take care of chosen groups of clients or leads, which will lead to higher conversion rates or customer satisfaction.

Integrating Paytiko and Zeny

In January, we integrated two new payment management systems, Paytiko and Zeny.

Paytiko is a payment provider that incorporates many different payment methods. As a result of our cooperation, Brokers will have many new payment options at their disposal.

Zeny is a payment provider serving the Philippine market.

Rules scheduler in the Bridge Manager

We have added the ability to change parameters in Broker Symbols in Bridge Manager for specific periods of the week. Another tab with columns appeared in Risk Management. It contains fields like Broker Name, Time, Instrument, Component (Markup, Ask Markup, Min Spread, Max1 Spread, B-Book Execution Delay), Adjustment and an information column about the status of rule activation.

Benefits for Brokers:

The changes allow Brokers to personalise settings at different times of the week and better manage the risks during given market events.

Units in hedge monitor in the Bridge Manager

In the Bridge Manager hedge monitor tab, there is the ability to display open positions in the new “Units” mode. i.e. individual contract units. This is an alternative to displaying exposures in lots. The Broker can choose the mode that is more suitable for him.

Benefits for Brokers

Brokers can freely select the exposure display mode that best suits their current needs. They have a better look at exposures on contracts with different contract sizes, such as indices or commodities.

Slippage column in Orders tab of Match-Trader Manager

In the Orders tab, the “Slippage” column has been added, the values of which are the result of the operation: Exec Price from order filled deducted by the Exec Price from order added. By default, this column is disabled.

Benefits for Brokers

The column gives Brokers the ability to check the deviation of the price at which the order was finally confirmed from the price at the time of the request. It is helpful for the Broker, especially in times of high volatility on the market when clients report comments on the prices at which their orders were concluded.

Making Match-Trader Manager more user-friendly

In January, we introduced a few changes to the Match-Trader Manager. Our goal was to improve the usability and user experience of the solution.

The Closed Trades tab has a new button, “Delete All”. It allows to delete all filtered positions with one click. There are also new filtering rules analogous to the ones in the Positions tab. That means the users can filter data by instrument and transaction side.

The last change was adding the ability to edit comments in the deposits and withdrawals views.

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