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How to start accepting cryptocurrency payments in your brokerage?

A report done by Deloitte indicates that 83% of retailers expect digital currencies to grow in the coming years. Notably, most brokers already offer cryptocurrency trading and so receiving deposits in virtual currencies is crucial for them. Today, we will answer the question: how can startup brokers start accepting cryptocurrency payments? Common issues with accepting […]

White Label Forex Broker cost – everything Startup Brokers need to know

We often get asked: what is the White Label Forex Broker cost? The answer is as many things on the Forex market: ever-changing and complex. In today’s article, we will dive deep into the topic and explain the costs associated with starting and running a Forex Broker. Additionally, we will detail what these costs depend […]

Forex Broker Licence and Jurisdiction – best destinations for Startup Brokers

Forex services have three types of legal jurisdictions: regulated, partly regulated, and unregulated. Market data shows that up to 95% of Brokers start operating a brokerage without obtaining a Forex Broker licence. Choosing the optimal solution for your business will determine its longevity and chances of success. Obtaining a licence is mandatory in some countries […]

Forex Brokerage: Step-by-Step Business Plan for Brokers

Among the business formats that are rapidly gaining momentum in growth and development, a special place is occupied by the Brokerage Business. The stock and financial markets are constantly developing and improving, so there is fertile ground for the organisation of domestic Brokerage Business. Becoming a Forex Broker is a good business opportunity that opens […]

How to choose a White Label Forex Trading Platform when starting your FX broker?

Starting an FX broker and choosing the appropriate White Label Forex Trading Platform may initially seem overwhelming. There are many technology providers on the market and many aspects to consider. That’s why we created a guide on how to choose the best WL Forex trading platform for your business. Firstly, however, we should learn what […]

How to start a forex brokerage business? The ultimate guide for 2022 and beyond

Forex market worth is estimated at $2,409,000,000 ($2.409 quadrillion), up from 2016 when it was valued at $1.934 quadrillion. Even significant market volatility doesn’t discourage those wanting to join in. In fact, the number of novice investors has been steadily increasing over the years. That, in turn, makes starting a forex broker even more appealing. The […]