Updated 2022-11-30

What distinguishes Match-Trader from other trading platforms on the market is that it’s very easy to use. That includes access to CRM features in the platform itself. Without leaving the app, Traders can make a deposit and verify themselves (also with external KYC solutions integrated into the platform, such as SumSub). Introducing Brokers can quickly go to the Partner Room.

Brokers find it much more valuable to offer Traders access to all the necessary features on one platform rather than two separate apps – the trading platform and the Client Office. It significantly limits the number of steps that need to be performed by a potential client, from registering to making their first deposit. For Brokers, that means higher conversion rates and increased Traders’ satisfaction.

Effortless integration with the Broker’s ecosystem

Match-Trader, an in-house solution from Match-Trade Technologies, is closely integrated with our Forex CRM and Client Office. A growing number of technology providers integrating their software with our platform raises the issue of maintaining a high level of simplicity when integrating Match-Trader with external ecosystems (including different CRMs and Client Offices). To achieve that, they need to integrate the SSO (Single Sign-on) scheme, already implemented in our trading platform.

That way, the client can be redirected to the external Client Office without the need to log into the other app. The authorisation works both ways, meaning it is also possible to redirect the user from the external Client Office to the trading platform. As a result, clients can effortlessly switch between both apps, depending on individual needs.

How does Single Sign-on work exactly?

From a technical point of view, Match-Trader transfers the cookie within the domain in which the authorisation token is contained, along with its validity and user rights. An external Client Office can read it and authenticate the account. Consequently, traders who want to make a deposit or verify their ID won’t have to enter the password again. That will save them a lot of time.

There are many possibilities regarding integrating the functionality of the external Client Office into Match-Trader. It is possible to embed the platform as an iframe or a separate tab. At Match-Trade, we also offer the possibility of redirecting chosen buttons to a specific URL in an external Client office. The buttons include, among others, the Deposit, Profile, and Financial operations.

The flexible environment for modern Brokers

The possibility of integrating external Client Offices or Payment Service Providers into the platform makes it very flexible. In addition to full integration of the SSO, Match-Trader offers simplified transfer of sessions through the so-called One time token. 

When registering via API, the CRM provider receives a token, which can be used to create a link so that the customer, after completing the form, is immediately logged in to the platform / Client Office without the need to re-enter the login and password. This is a standard option available using our customer registration endpoints.

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