• Match-Trade May Release: new and improved leads view in Sales Dashboard


New and improved leads view in Sales Dashboard in CRM

In May releases, we’ve changed the way leads are visualised in the Sales Dashboard in CRM app. Now, users can easily see the current stage of any given lead in the Lead stages section on the Sales Dashboard. They can also use a drag and drop function to move leads between the stages.  We’ve divided them into four categories:

  1. New contact
  2. Contacted (leads with statuses: no answer, call back today, call back, in a call, in progress)
  3. Ready to deposit (leads with statuses: hot, in the money)
  4. Need analysis (leads with statuses: not interested, bad managed lead, language barrier, wrong person).

Only leads assigned to a given account manager or pool management managers are included in this view (the manager is visible on the right).

The improved view helps Brokers manage their brokerage business and simplify the sales process. Now, they can effortlessly analyse leads’ statuses and make decisions accordingly.

IB daily report

Another new feature in the CRM app is the possibility to send daily reports to IBs and subIBs. The report contains IBs, subIBs, and their clients’ activities.

Reports are easily configured in the Reports tab by pushing the “Send daily email reports to IBs” button. They are being sent out at 24:00 GMT+0 to every trading account with a set commission template.

Said reports include:

  • Calculated commissions (with the trading account number, deposit ID, time and charged commission);
  • Clients (with the number of new clients in a given day, their trading account number, email address, and name);
  • subIBs (with the number of new subIBs in a given day, their trading account number, email address, and name).

New themes in the Client Office

We added four new themes in our Client Office app, Dark, Space, Fire, and Grass. Changing the theme based on the brand’s colour scheme allows for even greater customisation.

Upon request, we can add any of the templates to Broker’s Client Office or use a customised template provided by the broker in the CSS file.

Changes in the Deposit Bonus System

We changed the way the Deposit Bonus System works. From now on, Brokers can choose whether the bonuses are added to the first deposit only or first and every deposit after that (it applies to the entire account, not different trading accounts).

We also added the possibility of specifying intervals for which specific bonuses are going to be paid. This option allows the Broker to encourage traders to make even higher deposits, all according to its specific strategy and business goals.

Possibility to open accounts and requests in a new window

Another small change that makes working in the CRM app even more smooth and user friendly is adding the possibility of opening accounts and requests’ details in a new window. To do that, right-click on a given row (e.g. account) in the table.

New Multi Broker access in Match2Pay

We continue to improve our crypto payments gateway Match2Pay. Therefore, in May, we added a possibility to manage different White Label Platforms by logging into one Match2Pay account. This gives a Broker the ability to monitor its subbrands and White Labels in one place.

New and better display of transaction summaries in Match2Pay

We also changed the way transaction summaries are presented. From now on, transactions are divided based on the payment gateway used to make them. The sum of transactions for a given gateway is displayed both in the cryptocurrency of this gateway and in USD.

Additional cryptocurrencies support in Exchangers

Another important change in our Match2Pay crypto payment gateway is adding new cryptocurrencies in Exchangers. Now, Moonpay also supports USDT and TRC20, and Mercuryo supports BUSD and BEP20.

Vaultspay and Ozow PSPs integrated with Match-Trader 

In May releases, we’ve integrated Vaultspay and Ozow with our Match-Trader applications. Vaultspay is a payment solutions provider supporting the following currencies: KWD, SAR, USD, GBP, AED, EGP, and EUR, and operating in 180 countries around the world. Ozow is a South African payment provider offering ZAR deposits.

Considering the wide range of PSPs already integrated with the Match-Trader platform, these new integrations expand their possibilities even further.

Closed positions and Finance CSV export in Match-Trader

In our Match-Trader platform, we added a button “Export to CSV” in Closed positions and Finance tabs. This enables Brokers to even better utilise the platform’s reporting features.

Added information about minimum commission for symbol settings in Match Trader

In the trading form and detailed view of the symbol, information about the minimum commission (if set) has appeared. Thus, the users immediately know the cost of transactions they are interested in initiating.

In Match-Trader, Brokers can set a minimum commission for any instrument or group of instruments. That allows them to have even greater control over their business.

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