Match-Trader White Label – Trading platform for Brokers

Try our All-in-One trading platform developed in-house by our team of experts.

Built with an aim to provide simplicity, transparency and modern design at a reasonable price. The platform leverages on innovative technologies to bring the best trading experience and branding possibilities.

In our Match-Trader WL package you will receive all-in-one application:

  • Branded Web platform
  • Branded Desktop platform
  • Branded Mobile platform
  • Client Office with CRM

Enjoy the flexibility

Match-Trader is a platform consisting of web, mobile and desktop apps. It works as a stand-alone independent trading system with its own backend infrastructure. Thanks to that brokers can enjoy full control over the system, which can be configured according to their needs.

Match-Trader Platform comes as standard White Label or Full License product. For more info please contact us.

Key benefits:

  • Vast branding possibilities.
    • Our platform is fully customizable to support your efforts in building your brand awareness. Add your logo, colours and decide on the name of the app, be it web, desktop or mobile.
  • Intuitive & user-friendly
    • Our platform is distinguished by ease of use. Traders can fully synchronize settings between the web, mobile and desktop, and easily switch between accounts.
  • No troubles with installation
    • There is no need to undergo an approval process in Google Play or Apple Store if you would like to make your branded app easily downloadable. Our application is developed in a cutting edge technology to be deployed straight to your website and easy to install by the user.
  • Superb usability
    • All the users’ settings and personalizations are synchronized across web, mobile and desktop in real-time.
  • Full transparency and simplicity
    • Our easy to use interface was designed to attract all types of traders, regardless of their experience. It supports trading decisions by providing all required information.
  • No more hassle with markups on charts
    • All charts in our platforms are drawn at exactly the same prices as they are visible in the market watch of the platform.
  • Seamless integration with Client Office
    • Our Platform is fully integrated with Match-Trade’s Client Office and CRM. Thanks to it You can log in using just one email and password (Single-Sign-On).
  • Flexible trading environment
    • There is no restrictions in adding new instruments, setting up markups, commission and leverages.

We have built also supporting applications, because we know that plugins and extensions are very needed by the brokers.

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    Some of our apps and extensions are listed below:

    • FIX Bridge with flexible hedging rules to connect LP and manage your risk
    • Client Office / CRM application to easily onboard, verify and manage your client
    • MAM application
    • Multi-Level IB module to build automatically up to 50 level IB structures
    • Data Feeds for over 140 instruments including FX, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Cryptocurrencies and 250+ Equity instruments
    • Manager API to call all manager functions from external applications such as your own
    • Website or reporting tools for Broker’s team
    • Websocket API to easily stream prices directly to your website
    • Web candle API to export the charts to external websites

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