• Match-Trade June Release: Promo Code feature for Prop Firms on our Match-Trader platform


In our June update, we are excited to introduce several enhancements to our Match-Trader platform aimed at providing Prop Trading firms with greater flexibility and control. These updates highlight our commitment to evolving our platform based on user feedback and industry demands. A key feature among these enhancements is the new Promo Code functionality, designed to offer special conditions and discounts for traders, thereby attracting and retaining more users.

Promo Code feature for Prop Firms on our Match-Trader platform

To help Prop Trading firms attract and retain traders more effectively, we have introduced a new feature on our Match-Trader platform: promo codes. These promo codes provide three key functionalities:

  • Reducing fees for challenges
  • Rewarding referrers with a percentage or fixed amount for purchased challenges
  • Offering discounts on new challenges to reward continuous learning

A new tab has been added to the CRM for configuring promotional codes. It features a list of existing codes and the ability to add new ones.

Benefits for Brokers:

The introduction of promo codes significantly enhances the platform’s appeal. By allowing Prop Firms to offer special conditions and discounts and incentivizing referrers to promote the platform, we empower them to attract and retain more users. The feature offering discounts to users who strive to succeed encourages them to keep trying and learning, thereby boosting customer retention and engagement. Additionally, the streamlined process for entering codes during Challenge Selection improves user convenience, increasing interest in the Prop Firm offerings.

Sound Notifications on the Match-Trader platform

Events with Sound Notifications:

  • Position Opened/Closed: A sound plays whenever you open or close a position, immediately notifying you that the action is complete.
  • Broker Notification Received (Inbox): Every new notification from the broker is accompanied by a sound, ensuring you don’t miss any important information.
  • Logged Out: If you are logged out of the application, you will hear a sound informing you of this event.
  • Connection Lost: Should you lose connection to the server, the system will instantly alert you with a sound.

We have added sound notifications that play each time any of these events occur. Traders have full control over these notifications; they can adjust the volume and enable or disable them in the User Settings, where a new “Sound Notifications” section has been added.

Benefits for Brokers:

Sound notifications enhance traders’ awareness of platform activities, especially when using the web version in a different browser tab. This improves the efficiency of monitoring and responding to events in real-time. Immediate sound alerts for key events enable quicker decision-making and prompt responses to changing market conditions.

Enhancing Google/Discord Sign-In options: Introducing Register Only and Login Only modes

This month, we also focused on enhancing the onboarding flow for traders using the Match-Trader platform. We now offer the option to activate register only and login only modes for Sign In with Google/Discord upon Broker request. This feature is especially useful for Brokers who utilize external CRMs integrated with the Match-Trader platform ecosystem.

Benefits for Brokers:

These new modes make it easier for Brokers to integrate login and registration functions directly with their own websites and landing pages. This ensures a consistent user interface and allows for better customization to meet specific client needs. By streamlining these functionalities with external CRM systems, Brokers can enhance the user experience, maintain a cohesive interface, and tailor the platform to better suit their clients’ requirements.

More intuitive account statistics on the Match-Trader platform

To ensure the best experience for users of the Match-Trader platform, we continuously improve its functionality. Previously, the ROI statistic in Closed Positions was always returned for the entire period of statistics. We have now updated this feature to display the ROI based on the selected time range, with the default setting being the last 24 hours.

Benefits for Brokers: 

Providing ROI information based on a selected time range makes the data more straightforward and more relevant for each trading account. Displaying ROI for the entire account history could be misleading for some users compared to the data visible in Closed Positions. This update allows for faster and more intuitive access to account statistics, enhancing the overall user experience and making it easier to evaluate recent performance.

Enhanced account registration view for Prop Firms on the Match-Trader platform

We are continuously working to tailor our Prop Trading solution to meet the growing market expectations. As the first step in the account registration process on the Match-Trader platform, we have introduced a new, refreshed Challenge Selection view. This view presents available challenges filtered by phases, currencies, and account sizes, allowing users to select the appropriate challenge before proceeding with the registration.

Benefits for Brokers:

This improvement enhances the attractiveness and intuitiveness of the registration process by immediately presenting available challenges, which can increase the engagement and satisfaction of new users. By streamlining the initial steps and providing clear options, Brokers can attract more traders and facilitate a smoother onboarding experience.

Push Notifications for Prop Traders on our Match-Trader Platform

We have introduced push notifications for three key actions on our Match-Trader platform for Prop Trading Firms: achieving the profit target, progressing to the next phase, and failing a challenge, with distinctions for Max Loss, Max Daily Loss, and exceeding the Trading Period. These notifications contain appropriate titles and messages for each situation, informing users about their progress or the conclusion of their challenge.

Benefits for Brokers:

This new feature increases user engagement by keeping them informed about important events related to their accounts. With personalized notifications, users can quickly respond to changes in the status of their challenges, enhancing their experience and motivating them to continue trading. This targeted approach ensures that prop trading firms can provide their traders with timely and relevant updates, improving overall satisfaction and retention.

New Labels for Prop Accounts on the Match-Trader Platform

In June, we introduced a significant change to the Match-Trader platform interface for prop trading accounts. The label “Demo/Live” has been updated to “Prop”, and the presentation has been adjusted based on the account status.

The new options for prop accounts are as follows:

  • Account Awaiting Payment → Prop with a yellow dot
  • Active Account → Prop with a blue dot
  • Active Funded Account → Prop with a green dot
  • Failed Account → Prop with a red dot

Benefits for Brokers:

These changes help in clearly marking and identifying prop accounts, making it easier for users to manage them within the system. This is also important from a User Experience perspective, as the account name will accurately reflect the type and status of the account. This clarity improves navigation and account management, enhancing traders’ overall satisfaction.

New mode for CPA Program in our Forex CRM

We have enhanced our CPA Program to provide more flexibility in crediting bonuses. Now, bonuses can be applied not only to the first deposit on the main trading account but also to the first deposit on each subsequent trading account. This option is available in the CPA Program configuration and can be tailored to meet specific needs.

The CPA Program allows Brokers to reward their Introducing Brokers (IBs) for their clients’ First Time Deposits (FTDs). This feature in the CRM improves Brokers’ ability to manage and reward their IBs efficiently, fostering better relationships and encouraging further client acquisition.

Benefits for Brokers:

This functionality allows bonuses to be automatically credited to newly created accounts, even if the main trading account is closed or deleted. This significantly reduces the need for manual bonus additions, streamlining the process and saving time. Brokers can offer more flexible and attractive deposit bonuses, which can help increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Expanded Challenge Customization options for Prop Firms on the Match-Trader Platform

We have introduced new enhancements specifically for Prop Trading Firms, expanding the options for calculating the Daily Loss Limit with three additional methods: initial balance, equity, and balance/equity.

  • The initial balance method calculates daily loss as a fixed percentage of the starting balance.
  • The equity method determines daily loss based on the equity value during the daily account check.
  • The balance/equity method takes into account the higher value between balance and equity.

Now, there are four available options: initial balance, balance, equity, and balance/equity.

Benefits for Brokers:

The new daily loss limit calculation options provide greater flexibility and customization to meet individual client needs. This allows for better risk management and increases the variety of challenges available. It offers Prop Firms enhanced control over trading accounts and expands the possibilities for creating diverse trading challenges.

Event Log Tab in the Social Admin App

A new Event Log tab has been introduced in Social Admin, providing administrators with detailed monitoring of system events in a chronological list. To access the Event Log, simply login to the Social Admin application and navigate to the Event Log tab, where you can view system events. The types of events logged include:

  • Copy_trade_open: Opening a position for a follower
  • Copy_trade_close: Closing a position for a follower
  • Copy_trade_partial_close: Partially closing a position for a follower
  • MM_add: Adding a new Money Manager
  • MM_remove: Removing a Money Manager
  • MM_edit: Editing a Money Manager
  • Configuration_edit: Editing system configuration
  • Subscribe: Subscription
  • Unsubscribe: Unsubscription
  • Incentive_fee_pay: Charging incentive fees
  • Management_fee_pay: Charging monthly fees
  • Management_fee_return: Returning monthly fees

For improved readability, events such as Copy_trade_open, Copy_trade_close, and Incentive_fee_pay are grouped by the position they pertain to. Additionally, the Event Log allows filtering by time, event type, and outcome (Success/Fail).

Benefits for Brokers: 

The Event Log enables administrators to analyze failed actions without the need to sift through detailed logs, saving time and simplifying problem identification. This feature provides administrators with enhanced and more effective system management and monitoring capabilities.

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