• Match-Trade January Release: Initial verification of KYC documents by Google Vision AI


New payment methods for Match-Trader

At the beginning of 2022, we’ve added three new payment methods for all users of the Match-Trader trading platform and our Client Office:

  • Help2Pay, to facilitate payments for users in Southeast Asia. It supports the currencies of the hottest markets in Southeast Asia: Malaysia Ringgit (MYR), Thai Baht (THB), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) and Vietnamese Dong (VND). Users of the Match-Trader platform will be able to make the necessary transactions directly from their bank accounts.
  • Sanfux, payment gateway for Chinese users
  • And PayU Payment gateway, a global payment solution where you can process local payments in 50+ emerging markets in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Latin America.

Initial verification of KYC documents by Google Vision AI

From now on, Our CRM apps have a new document validation module that harnesses the powerful Google Vision AI to detect images and applies it to the request of document verification. An auto pre-check column has been added to KYC requests, where Brokers can see the pre-verification status. Сustomer data is compared between documents in order to find any irregularities. Expiry date from documents is captured in order to set the validity period of the verification.

TRC-20 Blockchain support in Exchangers

We’ve added support for the TRON Blockchain network in our Payment processor Match2Pay. Now our clients can purchase TRON based cryptocurrency using Moonpay, Cex or Mercuryo payment solutions. It guarantees low network fees and a high speed of transfer.

Reprocessing option for unsent emails

We’ve added reprocessing option for the followed e-mails and control of sent e-mails in our Back Office Apps. All the e-mails sent by the system with their details are available in the Actions tab. The recipient and the sending status can be displayed in the “Mailing” tab and we’ve also added the “Resend failed emails” button so that the Broker can easily resend emails in case of failure

Proof of transfer attachment

A new option to attach the Proof of transfer file was added. In the payment gateway configuration, Brokers can enable or disable the respective function for deposits. It allows traders to add a deposit confirmation file with which Brokers can quickly identify whether the payment has been made to the account.

A new IB commission calculation method in CRM

In the January release, we’ve added a Revenue share to our client office, a new IB commission calculation method. The IB receives a commission based on the loss of the client’s position. Revenue share is calculated on the High Watermark basis – IB doesn’t receive twice the commission for the “same” loss.

Optional verification of the e-mail address during registration

In order for the Broker to define the real clients and collect quality data, we’ve added the ability to verify the email address during registration in our Match-Trader trading platform. This will help make email marketing more effective, improve fraud protection, and increase your ability to protect your sender reputation. This option can be enabled or disabled as desired. Also a new verification status “Email not verified” was added.

IB report statistics added

Important IB report statistics were added to our CRM app. Various filtering for example by the type of account is available. Also, you can find information on Volume traded by the client, commission paid and a Summary of the results of all IBs and subIBs

Redirection to all Match-Trade’s apps

From now on, users can go directly to Match2pay, Social Trading and Bridge Manager (only for MT4 / MT5) from the CRM level. This will make the work of brokers faster and more convenient since there is a direct switch between the applications useful in the brokerage business.

Push notifications and filtration in Match-Trader

All users of our Match-Trader platform can add notifications per instrument, which can also be turned on / off with the bell icon. The push notifications include calendar and news notifications. In addition, automatic notifications have been inserted when adding an instrument to favourites. We’ve added filtering of news events by currency in the Match-Trader calendar

Internal transfer extension in Client Office

We’ve also added the possibility of transferring funds between clients within one broker on our platform. Each client can now send money to another broker’ client if he knows his trading account number.

Additional information in IB room

In our Client Office, we’ve added additional information for the IB room tab. The option to hide demo accounts and subIB / client names in the client tree has been included.

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