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Social Trading – Copy Trading Application

Automate the trading process and gain popularity among novice traders with our Social Trading App built in our Client Office with CRM. 

The new generation of traders wants to have everything in one place. They constantly look for simpler solutions with a convenient interface and easy access to everything. They want to work quickly, without delays and without the need to constantly switch between the platform and third-party applications. 

Therefore, Brokers who want to be competitive and attract new customers should reckon with market trends and try to provide traders with the most modern technologies combined with a user-friendly interface. Our new Social Trading App can help you to win new clients!

All users of our Client Office with CRM have easy access to our Copy Trading application.  Brokers don’t need to sign additional contracts or to look for external applications and additional plugins;  Traders can use the application with the same account for trading in Match-Trader, without the need to switch between profiles. 


Ultimate Social Trading solution allowing your clients to copy trades and investment strategies of professional traders. And everyone benefits:


Ensures order execution, access to instruments for copying. The benefit for the broker is the increase of trading activity and attraction of new customers.


Money Managers act as signal suppliers. They trade on their account, allowing novice traders to copy their trades and achieve financial and investment goals.


Are the main users of the platform and have an opportunity to copy trades and signals of expert traders at the established ratio on their own account.


Social trading attracts the attention of a large number of traders. The value of such platforms on Forex is extremely high for novice traders. Become a Broker that can provide everything Trader needs.

Brokers’ needs are directly related to the expectations and habits of the target group they want to reach. Brokers need modern complex solutions that work fully automatically.“Crypto generation” traders work fast and put convenience first. That’s why all functionalities of our Social Trading App are already embedded in our Client Office with CRM, so they can start to subscribe to Money Manager and trading immediately.

  • Convenient mobile and web application

Our Copy Trading App is seamlessly integrated with our Client Office and Match-Trader platform and available in mobile / desktop / web versions

  • Specific “Follow amount” settings

Traders have a possibility to set “Follow amount” allocated to invest with a chosen Master (positions opened proportionally to the equity Money Manager)

  • ROI summaries & various statistics

In a dedicated leaderboard in the Client Office, Traders can check the daily performance of observed Masters (eg. open positions, % of profitable buys and etc)

  • Positions markings & real-time notifications

All the Brokers using our systems can set automatic real-time notifications & positions designation, to distinguish the positions opened by the Clients and Money Managers

  • “Maximum loss” option

It’s crucial for Traders to be able to identify all the risks, therefore they can select the amount and enable “maximum loss” to limit losses by automatically closing positions.

  • One account for trading and copying

One account for trading and following Masters in the Match-Trader platform is enough and Traders don’t need to waste time on switching between platforms and applications.

Supported platforms

*External servers’ connection is possible. 

Engage novice and professional traders with our solution for CopyTrading!

Our trading solution will help you increase the activity of your customers. Offer your customers support in the trading process to increase the volume of transactions on your platforms and make your brokerage business grow faster. 


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