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Updated 2020-08-20

It is difficult not to see that during the current crisis, most companies are struggling with financial problems. There are, however, industries such as forex, which, on the contrary, are booming in times of crisis. Many forex brokers are already reporting higher revenues than last year. It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are wondering how to become a forex broker.

Are you curious if a forex broker business is for everyone?

Can you make money on forex without risk? The truth is that nowadays, to become a forex broker, you do not need a lot of effort or a significant financial outlay, you need the right solution.

Where does such a forex trading phenomenon come from? In theory, the behaviour of the markets can be predicted during a crisis. That is why there are more and more traders ready to invest. However, no markets are fixed, and no one can predict their volatility. Therefore, a more sensible and much more reliable solution is to invest in starting your forex broker.

If you want to open your Forex broker, but you are concerned about unforeseen costs, the following article will explain to you what fees you will have to bear and what their amount depends on.

What you need to start your forex business, and what is the cost?

  • Registered company
    • Offshore registration is not only fast and relatively cheap, but it’s also obtainable for everyone, that’s why 9 out of 10 brokers choose to register offshore. In just one week you can become the owner of a forex company for a cost of $1600. If you wish to add a corporate bank account to ease financial settlements the cost will grow up to $4500.
  • Forex White Label trading platform
    • There are at least a few technology providers on the forex market who’s proprietary trading platforms are worth considering and going beyond the most popular ones can bring you serious savings. For example, our proprietary Match-Trader platform with CRM cost starts at $2000 for setup and $1000 in monthly fees (contact us for a special offer & don’t pay monthly fees) where a basic MT4 WL setup will cost $5000 plus $2000 per month (including MetaQuotes charges).
  • Client Office Forex CRM
    • It helps to manage your business and guarantees smooth service for your investors. Without it, it’s impossible to provide instant deposits to trading accounts or automatic registration to your platform and fast onboarding – everything investors are looking for. Giving the advantages it brings to your business it’s priceless… but Match-Trade’s Client Office cost $1500 + monthly fee when added to MT4 WL. But if you decide to choose Match-Trader WL it’s already included!
  • Crypto Payment Gateway
    • Integrated with Client Office guarantees effective payment methods regardless of the region your investors operate. It provides convenient transfers without any risk of chargeback. We made sure to integrate reliable and cost-effective crypto exchangers, therefore clients can buy cryptos via wire transfers and credit cards, without the broker having to sign additional agreements. And the cost starts as low as 1% per transaction.
  • Liquidity for forex brokers
    • Meaning the way you will provide liquidity for transactions made by clients on your trading platform and the Liquidity Provider, you’ll be taking it from. At Match-Trade we focus on providing the all-in-one solutions for Forex Brokers, therefore, we offer special conditions and free connection to our liquidity pool for our White Label clients.

What type of fees to expect for forex business?

The prices on the market vary so much that it is difficult even to average them because many factors affect them. I will try to explain what the types of costs are for a forex broker.

  • Setup fee
    • Regardless of whether you are buying a White Label platform, Client Office, or just liquidity: there are always some fees for configuring a service to suit the client’s requirements.
  • Monthly fee
    • It’s kind of like a subscription fee to the technology provider for using its solution.
  • Volume based fee
    • This is the commission you pay to the Liquidity Provider for each transaction made – always charged per volume.

Sometimes, if you are using an older platform that requires a Bridge to connect your Liquidity Provider, you’ll also need to pay the bridging technology provider fees.

This is the standard cost. However, even if you manage to collect the cheapest solutions on the market, it does not mean that you will incur lower charges. If you buy each item from a different supplier, then you will bear the cost of maintaining several providers. Besides, there is the issue of complaints and solving customer problems. With different suppliers, their responsibility is blurred, and it can be hard to find out who is responsible for errors.

What are the benefits of the all-in-one or an Instant broker solution?

First of all, it is a reduction in fees. One provider who makes money on several elements, such as the platform and liquidity, can always offer lower prices than the sum of the costs you will have to incur for several providers.

One team that supports you and takes responsibility for the functioning of the entire system. The main advantage of the all-in-one solution from one technology provider is a seamless integration that mitigates the risk of any technical problems.

And last but not least, choosing an all-in-one solution will not only save you money but also a lot of time. The sooner you start operating as a forex broker, the sooner you start earning money and the money invested will be returned to you.

If you are still afraid of risk, contact our business consultant and ask for a forex broker set up in which you do not bear any risk (A-book brokers only) and for calculating the estimated income and the time in which the investment will pay off.

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