Updated 2022-06-06

In May of 2022, MetaQuotes informed its clients about changes in the company’s pricing policy.

This is yet another modification that the company introduced in the last few years. Previously it had been charging setup fees and lower monthly payments. Following changes were associated with increasing these fees and making the MT5 white label a bit cheaper compared to MT4 white label. The last change in pricing resulted in the setup prices dropping and the monthly fees going up to $4000 for MT4 and $3000 for MT5. The change resulted in higher monthly costs and a lower entry barrier to acquiring the system.

Although the monthly fees stayed the same, changes were applied to MT5 and MT4 white label packages. From now on, a client who wants to obtain either one needs to pay a non-refundable (in case of earlier termination) upfront payment of 3 monthly fees.

A higher entry barrier to acquiring a package may be an issue for novice brokers who are just starting on the market and are not profitable yet. However, there are different possibilities to start a brokerage business, like the ones offered by technology providers.

Changes introduced by MetaQuotes are not going to affect Match-Trade’s pricing policy. Clients wishing to start a new MT4 or MT5 White Label with Match-Trade Technologies will still be charged monthly (apart from the payment we issue in their name to MetaQuotes, the one described above).

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