How to effectively manage the forex business?

Our clients often wonder why different technology providers offering solutions to start forex broker business based on the same White Label platforms shows such differences in prices. One of the primary factors influencing forex brokerage cost is the scope of the service and the number of technology providers you cooperate with. As we explain in […]

What are the costs you should expect when starting your forex business?

Nowadays, to become a forex broker, you do not need a lot of effort or a significant financial outlay. What you do need, however, is the right solution. In theory, predictions about the behaviours of the market are more accurate during a crisis. That is why there are more and more traders ready to invest. […]

Instant Broker Solution: Off the shelf forex business

Entrepreneurs have long been looking for a way to do business that would no longer require a lot of commitment or a significant investment at the beginning. The one that starts generating profits after only a few months and would be pandemic-proof so it can develop even in times of crisis. This solution has just […]

How to grow a brokerage business, despite the lockdown in India/ Africa/ Indonesia.

Forex trading is one of the industries that, thanks to the fact that it can function entirely online – has hardly felt the negative effects of the lockdown introduced in most countries affected by the epidemic. Many brokers – in the current situation – even report record revenues. However, there are regions where traders still […]

How does increased volatility of the markets affect the brokerage business?

The dynamic development of the global economy and the subsequent civilization progress are periodically interrupted by crises that lead to a significant slowdown in economic growth. Regardless of whether the crisis is caused by financial institutions (Subprime mortgage crisis), epidemics (Coronavirus) or new war threat (Iran and US tensions) –  it causes an immediate reaction […]

Forex trading blooms on mobile devices

We often analyze the traffic on our clients’ trading platforms and we came to a conclusion that over ¾ of all trades take place on mobile platforms. This shows an ongoing and rapidly growing trend of choosing mobile devices for daily forex activities. Read the full analysis of the growing trend of forex mobile trading […]

Five steps to become Forex broker

According to Investopedia, the foreign exchange (Forex) market is the world’s largest asset marketplace by trading volume and liquidity. This is one of the main reasons its popularity has been steadily increasing for several years. To be effective and make steady profits on the forex market, you need to have in-depth knowledge of the market, […]

Match-Trade Technologies opens a new branch office in India

Following the announcement of a special Partnership Program last month, Match-Trade Technologies joins forces with the LSSR Group and will open an Official Representative office in India. This is another regional agency after the USA, Poland and Malaysia offices, this time located in Bangalore, India. “India is one of the fastest-growing forex broker markets, very […]

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