Match-Trade expands the cryptocurrency portfolio to 50 instruments

We are pleased to announce that our offer of ultra-fast crypto data feed has been significantly increased and is now available for over 50 crypto pairs. This new instrument list includes various types of crypto, such as ERC-20, BSC, TRC-10 and most popular native blockchains such as Avalanche or Luna. We decided to expand the […]

Finance Magnates Q2 Intelligence Report: How Brokers Can Convert Crypto Trades Into CFD Industry.

Read the recent FInance Magnates interview, where Michael Karczewski speaks about CFD Brokers’ offering and how can they attract customers of cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms. Q: Match-Trade has strongly developed its cryptocurrency offering in recent years. Have your clients, who have so far focused mainly on more traditional CFD markets, also taken a similar direction? […]

Crypto’s Hidden Undercurrent: The Role of Leverage in Cryptocurrency Markets

In some ways, the crypto market crash in May of 2021 was the end of an era.  The 6-month period between December and April was a time of crypto euphoria. Cryptocurrency prices were driven to unprecedented heights; the media spotlight shone brighter on crypto than ever before–even Elon Musk got in on the game. However, […]

Match2Pay crypto payment gateway now available in Praxis Cashier

Praxis Cashier has recently included the Match2Pay crypto payment gateway as one of the PSP’s available in the company’s platform. The payment solution developed by Match-Trade Technologies provides a high acceptance rate for clients’ payments and is expected to be a valuable add-on to increase their available number of solutions. The Praxis technology provides access […]

Kenmore Design starts offering Match2Pay for crypto payments

Match2Pay crypto payment gateway designed and developed by industry experts from Match-Trade Technologies is now integrated with Kenmore Design’s CRM system. Match-Trade Technologies has established its position as the market leader in providing complete solutions to start a Forex business. Joining forces with Kenmore Design, a renowned FX web solutions’ provider, will increase Match-Trade’s reach […]

What’s Happening in Crypto Markets in 2021? Examining Opportunities & Challenges

More than three years after the cryptocurrency boom and bust of 2017, crypto is still alive and kicking. Crypto is also just as polarizing as ever: while more people are excitedly jumping onto the crypto train than ever before, the voices speaking out against the cryptocurrency industry are imbued with escalating fervour.  Indeed, the growth […]

New ultra-fast Cryptocurrency Feed

Match-Trade Technologies is pleased to announce a new ultra-fast crypto data feed for the 25 most popular crypto pairs. The feed uses proprietary algorithms, which assure the prices’ speed and accuracy in various conditions. Brokers will find such hot coins as Polkadot, Chainlink, or Cardano in the instruments’ list. We provide up to 5 levels […]

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