• How to start accepting Bitcoin deposits in few simple steps


Nowadays, accepting deposits in cryptocurrencies (eg. bitcoin deposits) is a must for every major broker. This trend was already very clear last year. As recent research indicates, the vast majority of brokers offer cryptocurrency trading and wouldn’t want to be deprived of the possibility of receiving deposits in virtual currencies (such as bitcoins and other popular cryptos).

Advantages of accepting Bitcoin deposits

What are the biggest advantages of accepting cryptocurrency payments? By general rule, cryptocurrencies have lower transaction fees and they also have an additional layer of security to ensure fraud protection. Crypto payments are fast, secure and cheaper to process. But the key advantage of cryptocurrency payments in a fragmented international market is their cross-border nature. The virtual currency was designed to be resistant to limitations resulting from the existence of state borders. This allows brokers to accept deposits 24/7/365, regardless of the schedule of bank transfers and whereabouts of clients. On the other hand, traders can deposit funds into the account of any chosen broker without unnecessary delay.

In addition, digital currency transactions are safe for both parties. Their irreversibility guarantees that the brokers will not be chargeback while the client can be sure that his wallet will not leave more funds than he sent. In contrast to credit card payments, where chargebacks are a big problem for brokers and the client has no guarantee that he will not fall victim to fraud and more funds will disappear from his account.

Crypto Payment Gateways

Unfortunately, last year, the banking system has yet created a significant obstacle to cryptocurrency payments. The possibility of paying by credit card for cryptocurrency has been significantly restricted. However, the community focused on blockchain ideology does not give up so easily. In response to this major inconvenience, several technological solutions that can solve this problem have quickly appeared on the market. One of them is the Match2Pay Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway solution allowing brokers to accept cryptocurrency deposits.

The implementation of this solution is extremely fast and simple. It can be carried out in 2 ways – depending on the choice of the client. The first option is to purchase the Client Office tool provided by Match-Trade Technologies. That way, the solution is built into the system as a basic element. The second option – when the broker uses Trading Rooms of external suppliers – is to use only the Match2Pay payment processor. In this case, we provide API and the whole integration process with the client’s system.

Recently Match-Trade has released another product complementary to the crypto payment gateway – Match2pay Exchanger. Thanks to the exchanger, our clients can purchase bitcoins via bank transfer or using a credit card. Match2pay Exchanger operates under two licences from Estonian FIU to provide a service of exchanging a virtual currency against fiat currency and a virtual currency wallet service.

If what’s holding you back is the thought you will encounter any technical problems you won’t be able to fix… do not fear. Match2pay’s license guarantees professional support to set up the system. So don’t miss your chance and allow your clients to buy bitcoins using a credit card today.

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