• Instant Broker Solution – how to start a forex business in the new reality


Even if the forex industry does not experience drastic changes associated with a decrease in revenues, the new reality forces a change in approach to business. After a few months of lockdown, what counts is the speed of return to normalcy to start making up for a lost time as soon as possible. Many people who planned to open a Forex business had to postpone this decision, or at least rethink the current plan. The pandemic strongly influenced investors’ behaviour, especially in regions where the traditional model of establishing cooperation based on personal relationships is still dominating. Brokers whose clients were accustomed to traditional offline deposits also experienced major changes. Although the industry was bypassed by the crisis, some changes are necessary to allow brokers to adapt to the new reality.

“What we have noticed among our clients is the increased interest in additional services. Many customers had to re-evaluate their business plans. They have come to understand that a website, which they had previously treated as an unnecessary addition, is now becoming the basic element of attracting investors. And I do not mean a generic template but a professional website prepared by experts who understand the specifics of the industry. Another issue is time. Startup brokers who want to take advantage of the natural increase in investors activity that comes after a period of downtime – they must act quickly”- said Michael Karczewski, COO at Match-Trade Technologies.

There are many solutions on the market that offer a quick setup of the trading platform. The proverbial week seems to be standard. However, there are many features that cannot be missed, such as a payment system that guarantees convenient deposits or providing liquidity for transactions made by clients on your trading platform. Because without that you can’t run a successful forex business. And to integrate payment solutions or to find a liquidity provider on your own takes time and increases costs, which can be a big barrier for entrepreneurs investing in new business.

Instant Broker Solution scheme

“Here, at Match-Trade Technologies, we haven’t changed our offer. What has changed was our approach to the services we already offer, we have adapted to the new requirements of our clients. We’ve created a service package that we called Instant Broker Solution because that’s what it really is – an instant solution. You buy a ready-made broker business in a box and it’s a completely new level of turnkey”- explained Sargis Manukyan, Head of Broker Solutions

This “box offer” was based on the modern Match-Trader trading platform developed in-house by Match-Trade experts. Still, many customers looking for a platform do not yet have a registered company, and even though the process is quite simple, it may take a long time for an inexperienced person. Therefore, to speed up the entire procedure, the technology provider also takes on all the formalities related to incorporation. The offer also includes the Client Office app, which fulfils the CRM function for the broker to speed up onboarding and improve overall management. Already integrated Payment Gateways provide effective payments via cryptocurrencies, cards or wire transfers and guarantee instant deposits to trading accounts. The offer has been additionally completed with a professional website including registration forms integrated with Client Office CRM to maximize the conversion from visits to open accounts. Lastly, a broker who chooses Match-Trader Instant Broker Solution can also take advantage of preferential liquidity conditions like no minimum monthly fee or very attractive spreads and leverage.

“Although the offer itself is relatively new, it already enjoys great interest. Collecting our products and services in one package gives our clients not only the convenience of reducing formalities to signing one contract with Match-Trade Technologies, but also noticeable savings. We offer ready-to-run, modern Forex Broker business for the price of a basic White Label from other providers”- added S.Manukyan

Instant Broker package:

  • Company registration support
  • Match-Trader – branded trading platform (web / mobile / desktop)
  • Client Office / Trader Room – forex CRM system with multi-level IB Module
  • PAMM solution integrated with the trading platform
  • Payment Gateways – guaranteeing instant deposits
  • A professional website
  • Forex and crypto liquidity from a trusted partner

What to look for when considering starting your own Forex Broker? There is a variety of different, turnkey solutions – what’s worth focusing on is business efficiency. Experience in the industry and comprehensive service can save a lot of time and will result in a solution thanks to which business will be able to develop for many years. The best solutions are smart solutions.

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