Updated 2020-08-07

Since we’re constantly increasing the sales of our White Label trading platforms for Forex Brokers, we have set one of our MT4 servers in Singapore Data Center to provide better connectivity for our clients in South-East Asia.

Why do we add new MT5 and MT4 servers?

We understand how even microsecond latencies can influence trading performance. That’s why we focus on eliminating any slippage to provide the fastest possible execution.
At Match-Trade Technologies, we pay the highest attention to the performance and stability of the trading infrastructure we deliver. We make sure our clients know their trading platforms always work at top speed. Furthermore, with the dedicated server hosted in one of the chosen data centres, we provide clients with IT support of the server with full monitoring.

Our other servers

With this purpose in mind, we expand the number of servers available for our clients. Presently, we have MT5 and MT4 servers in the UK, France, Hong Kong, and Singapore. That allows us to offer hosting and connectivity in the desired location thus meeting the needs of clients from different parts of the world.

MT4 servers

If you want to learn more about our hosting and connectivity offer, contact our team or go to this page.

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