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Forex White Label Cost

Changes in the MetaQuotes pricing model

In May of 2022, MetaQuotes informed its clients about changes in the company’s pricing policy. This is yet another modification that the company introduced in the last few years. Previously it had been charging setup fees and lower monthly payments. Following changes were associated with increasing these fees and making the MT5 white label a […]

How much should a Broker pay to his Technology Provider?

It is a fundamental question that should be answered before any broker enters a long-term agreement with a technology provider. Of course, there are very different setups that will impact the final price, but it is good to know the prices available in the market for standardized products such as WLs, Bridges, Forex CRMs or […]

What are the costs you should expect when starting your forex business?

Nowadays, to become a forex broker, you do not need a lot of effort or a significant financial outlay. What you do need, however, is the right solution. In theory, predictions about the behaviours of the market are more accurate during a crisis. That is why there are more and more traders ready to invest. […]

How to choose the optimal White Label solution for brokers?

The decision about starting your own Forex brokerage is not an easy one. Every investor knows there are multiple aspects of running a business that needs to be analyzed before launch. Nowadays, in the tech industry – the most crucial decisions to make are those concerning IT. Where will you host your services, who will […]

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