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Takeprofit Tech Partners with Match-Trade Technologies to Extend the Offer for Forex Brokers

Thanks to the cooperation, both companies will expand the range of services. Their clients will gain more money management options as well as easier access to MT4/MT5 White Labels, dedicated CRMs, Payment solutions and ultra-fast Data Feeds with deep ECN Liquidity. Takeprofit Tech, fintech software developer, partnered with Match-Trade Technologies, technology provider offering solutions for […]

Centroid Solutions expands offer with ultra-fast Data Feeds from Match-Trade Technologies

Centroid Solutions, technology provider, offering Forex Brokers real-time analytics, sophisticated risk-management and execution solutions is expanding its offer with access to ultra-fast Data Feeds from Match-Trade Technologies. Match-Trade Technologies is an experienced technology provider offering Forex and Crypto Brokers comprehensive solutions allowing them to start new forex business and efficiently manage an existing brokerage. Its […]

Devexperts Integrates DXtrade Platform with Match-Trade Technologies Liquidity Pool

Devexperts, a software provider for the capital markets industry and the creator of the DXtrade trading platform, has integrated DXtrade with Match-Trade Technologies liquidity pool to expand the range of liquidity solutions available for brokers looking for out-of-the-box solutions.  DXtrade is a multi-asset platform, available for brokers as a SaaS. In addition to Forex, it […]

All you need to know to become a Liquidity Provider

Many companies that have been operating in the Forex market for a long time, at some point start considering expanding their business and becoming a Liquidity Provider. Most often they are medium or large currency brokers but also technology providers and experienced business specialists cooperating with large Liquidity Providers. They have either experience or a […]

Match-Trade presents its technology in Leaprate interview

Imran Firoz elaborated on the company and development plans in a featured interview for the Leaprate website. This week LeapRate caught up with Imran Firoz, Managing Director (pictured above) of US-headquartered Match-Trade Technologies, a global Forex brokerage software provider. His early experience in the FX industry was as the Chief Financial Officer of a brokerage firm where […]

Match-Trade Launches Ultra-Fast Data Feed for FX Brokers

Match-Trade Technologies, a US-based forex technology provider, has announced the launch of a new service for forex brokers known as the Match-Trade (M-TT) Ultra-Fast Data Feed. The new service is real time tick by tick FX and CFD data which comprises of real, executable prices aggregated from real market participants and is delivered directly to […]

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