• Takeprofit Tech Partners with Match-Trade Technologies to Extend the Offer for Forex Brokers


Thanks to the cooperation, both companies will expand the range of services. Their clients will gain more money management options as well as easier access to MT4/MT5 White Labels, dedicated CRMs, Payment solutions and ultra-fast Data Feeds with deep ECN Liquidity.

Takeprofit Tech, fintech software developer, partnered with Match-Trade Technologies, technology provider offering solutions for forex brokers including the proprietary all-in-one trading platform, Match-Trader and multiple supporting apps. 

Match-Trade’s bespoke solutions designed to help FX brokers grow their business will now become available and recommended for Takeprofit’s clients due to their reliability, universality, and problem-solving focus. These solutions are: While Label brokerage, Client office with CRM, Payment solutions, Data Feeds with deep ECN Liquidity and Match-Trader all-in-one trading platform.

In its turn, Takeprofit Tech will deliver a wide range of products to Match-Trade for MT4/MT5. The range of products includes EasyMAM – a money management solution for MetaTrader 5 platform offered by Match-Trade to expand the range of services for White Label forex brokers. The proposed solution will help brokers to attract new deposits and increase trade volumes. Whereas the integration with Match-Trade’s aggregated liquidity pool will allow brokers’ using Takeprofit Bridge access over 20 Liquidity Providers (banks and non-banks) and connect to ultra-fast Data Feeds. 

According to Chris Dankowski, Chief Business Development Officer of Match-Trade Technologies, Takeprofit’s products for MT4 and MT5 are suitable solutions to complete the offer for White Label brokers. “Our Liquidity was already integrated with Takeprofit Bridge, so I’m glad we get to continue the cooperation. We also find many useful features in EasyMAM, therefore, we look forward to offering our clients Takeprofit Tech solutions”- he adds.

Valentine Piotrovich, Head of Business Development of Takeprofit Technology, elaborated on the partnership: “It is a great pleasure to work with the Match-Trade Technologies team. Their solutions are designed to solve every task a broker is facing to be successful and to offer excellent service to its clients. We appreciate this and will do our best to deliver the value of Match-Trade high-quality solutions to the market.”
Match-Trade’s products are designed to make the Forex market more open, transparent, and distributed, therefore, EasyMAM is an excellent complement to the provider’s offer.

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