Updated 2016-11-30

Match-Trade Technologies, a US-based forex technology provider, has announced the launch of a new service for forex brokers known as the Match-Trade (M-TT) Ultra-Fast Data Feed. The new service is real time tick by tick FX and CFD data which comprises of real, executable prices aggregated from real market participants and is delivered directly to FX brokers.

The offering will enable all FX market participants to access fast and reliable sources of FX and CFD prices, lower barriers to market entry, reduce trading costs and improve trading transparency.

Direct Streaming

M-TT Ultra-Fast Data Feed technology is based on Match-Trade Matching Engine and includes both FX and CFD instruments. M-TT Ultra-Fast Data Feed directly streams pricing from an internal ECN market, and from various institutional and retail market participants, which assures that FX Brokers are not dependent solely on big banks pricing policies.

M-TT Ultra-Fast Feed streams are available in two different formats, via FIX or MT4 Unifeeder protocol. Match-Trade price streams are not subject to price filtering, thus assuring customers that they will receive all available prices without any delay.

This feature is highly critical to market makers or B-Book brokers who intend to provide low latency to their trading clients. Match-Trade also offers ultra-fast and fully automated B-Book execution based on the market depth liquidity provided in the M-TT Ultra-fast Data Feed.


Among the most important features of M-T Ultra-Fast Data Feed are low latency data feeds for FX and CFD instruments, data feed availability via FIX or MT4 unifeeder protocol, and FIX data feeds with five levels of market depth. The solution is available for all Match-Trade clients, as well as for external clients and servers.

Finance Magnates last reported on Match-Trade in July after the company announced the launch of its white label offering, the web-based Match-Trade MT4 RMS risk management solution which enables forex brokers to analyse and control trading and business risks.

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