• New releases on Match-Trader platform


Closed session mark and timer – now with a gray color for the symbol standing for closed session. Additionally, the timer will show you when exactly the session will be open and the instrument available to trade

Closed session mark and timer

Multiple close on Match-Trader web – now available on both mobile and web view

Multiple close on Match-Trader web

New line chart – access them in the extended chart view on mobile or just click the candle chart icon on the web view

New line chart

Easier way to deposit with low margin – the user will see the deposit button if he doesn’t have enough funds to open a

new position

Easier way to deposit with low margin

Easy account navigation  – you will find the offer name and account type (Live/Demo) next to its ID. Create a live account easly, thanks to the button visible on demo account

Easy account navigation

Internal and external transfers – traders can now make internal transfers to external accounts under the same broker

Internal and external transfers

New payment gateway – crypto credit card exchanger at an affordable fee

New payment gateway

New notifications configuration – three existing tabs marged to one Operation section

New notifications configuration

Branches with independent admin access – for brokers who have multiple branches around the world

Branches with independent admin access

Updated symbol’s info

Updated symbol’s info

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