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Recently we’ve analyzed the traffic on our clients’ trading platforms and we came to a conclusion that over ¾ of all trades take place on mobile platforms. This shows a rapidly growing trend of choosing mobile devices for daily forex activities.

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Research shows that almost 52% of web page views worldwide are performed on mobile devices and – on average – 81% of users go online from mobile devices (reaching 91% in India and Indonesia). Also, Forex Brokers note increased traffic on their mobile trading platform, especially during rush hours meaning that investors are the most active while commuting.

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Modern technology to ease mobile trading

What does it say about traders’ expectations? As mobile trading gives freedom of managing funds anytime, anywhere – forex traders are looking for trading platforms designed to trade ”on the go” to maximize their performance.

A universal approach to forex trading app development is a must because the average specifications of devices differ across the world. The mobile platform is expected to be user-friendly and effective without having to invest in a high-end device.

The PWA (Progressive web app) technology, makes Match-Trader – our new trading platform truly a single app that adapts its interface and features to the user’s device. Therefore all information and settings are synchronized across all user’s devices in real-time and trader will always see the same information, regardless of the device he’s using. Also, it takes up no storage space on your device.

Offer your clients the best tools and share their success. to learn more about Match-Trader, NEW all-in-one trading platform and ask for the White Label offer with $0 monthly fee.

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