• Mobile Solutions for CFD markets – How mobile apps change the way we invest in the financial markets?


The development of mobile technologies, such as applications for everyday devices like tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches, has become an integral part of our lives and functioning in today’s society. From basic daily tasks to entertainment, education, and managing our work routines, these devices accompany us at all times.

The Modern Profile of an Investor 

A few years ago, being a participant in the investment market required a visit to a brokerage office and the submission of appropriate orders. Over the years, as technology advanced, the indispensable tool became the computer or laptop, and today, it’s the smartphone. On it, we also have access to applications provided by brokerage firms.

With the development of technology, the profile of investors has drastically changed. Those who are starting to take an interest in such activities are today’s teenagers, for whom a smartphone is an integral part of life. From banking apps, music streaming, video, and social media to investments, all of these are now available on one small device.

Today, we will focus on how the participation in the investment markets has changed and what to consider when using applications to obtain a tool that encompasses all the necessary trading solutions.

From Basic Tasks to Complex Operations

First and foremost, we need to answer the question of why we want to invest through a mobile solution instead of using a laptop.

The answer may seem simple, but if we had asked this question a few years ago, we would have received the response that we only need to monitor the status of our transactions or check if there is a situation that requires our intervention on the computer. In today’s times, with phones being part of our daily lives, we also need to have access to the market at all times and perform all actions that a few years ago could only be done using a computer.

This includes quickly funding an account, making withdrawals, analyzing the current market situation, and executing the right move in a world filled with information. It also extends to the basic act of buying and selling transactions.

The Match-Trader platform has been designed to provide investors with access to trading on any device. In addition to the ability to perform basic tasks such as making transactions, investors can also manage their funds (deposits/withdrawals), create new trading accounts, or even complete the entire registration process using just a mobile phone.

Operating Systems and App Store Policies Dependency

Until recently, there were two companies providing operating systems for mobile devices: Android and iOS. Today, HarmonyOS, developed by Huawei, has joined them. Application developers who want to make their apps available in these companies’ app stores must meet various requirements, including those related to security and updates. Failure to meet these requirements or not adhering to app store policies can lead to the removal of the app from the store, preventing users from accessing it on their smartphones.

In 2022, there was a case of a popular platform being removed from the App Store. This was a concerning scenario for brokers who offered their services based on this platform. Thanks to the fact that the Match-Trader platform was built using Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, the problem of needing separate apps for each operating system was solved. The PWA platform can be run in a web browser and offers the same features as native apps. Additionally, the PWA platform can be fully branded with the broker’s logo and presented as their own solution.

Of course, brokers can also have separate platforms for each operating system in dedicated app stores (Android/iOS), but this is not a necessity. Users with access to different operating systems will appreciate such a solution. Moreover, maintaining dedicated apps in stores generates additional costs that brokers can allocate to the development of their business.

In summary, the Match-Trader platform is a modern and efficient solution for brokers, allowing them to offer their services on mobile devices without the need for separate apps for each operating system.

Modern Technologies in Our Hands

Creating a universal and comprehensive solution that can be delivered to customers is challenging but achievable. Technology providers, when creating a platform, encounter many difficulties related to store limitations, customer requirements, and the final hardware used by end-users.

Experience in the industry, commitment to customer needs, and knowledge of current trends are the elements that make the Match-Trader platform an all-in-one tool with access to the market at all times.

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