• Match-Trader trading platform refactored to provide enhanced performance for traders


Match-Trader, an award-winning trading platform created by a leading technology provider for Forex Brokers – Match-Trade Technologies, has recently undergone a major refactoring to deliver smoother operation and improved performance for mobile users. 

The comprehensive overhaul has leveraged the power of TypeScript, a lightweight and modern programming language, to optimise the frontend elements of the platform, allowing the newly implemented advanced functionalities to operate more efficiently.

One of the significant enhancements resulting from the transition to TypeScript is the seamless integration of Multi-Chart functionality. This highly anticipated functionality enables users to compare multiple charts, analyse various intervals within a single instrument, and execute trades simultaneously on different charts. The solution seamlessly integrates with the market watch, reducing the possibility of accidental position openings and providing a more intuitive experience for novice traders. Multiple layouts are available, allowing users to select their preferred platform view according to the options provided by the Broker, including dark and light modes.

Previously, chart handling required background conversions from the previous JavaScript version, introducing potential bottlenecks. However, with the adoption of the new script, chart operations now exhibit enhanced fluidity, providing a more responsive trading experience. Traders can expect improved accuracy in indicators and a reduced risk of freezing issues.

The Multi-Chart feature makes the platform even better for analysis. It lets traders adjust each chart separately by changing instruments, indicators, and time intervals. Plus, there are helpful drawing tools. Comparing and analysing instruments is now much more manageable. Personalising the charts is great because you can monitor different time intervals for the same instrument in real time and find connections between different instruments. This is a big deal for traders who rely on charts for market info. It’s an innovative tool that attracts investors and gives brokers a competitive edge – explained Jacek Czarniawski, Head of Product Development at Match-Trade Technologies.

Another notable outcome of the platform-wide refactoring is the enhanced visual consistency achieved by utilising a unified script. This cohesiveness contributes to a more polished user interface. The focus on visual alignment is particularly beneficial for mobile users, who constitute nearly 70% of the platform’s user base.


Price updates in the market watch and session closures, among other instrument-related aspects, now load instantly on charts without any noticeable lag. This optimisation is especially noteworthy in the context of the Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality, enhancing the application’s responsiveness. All these improvements aim to provide users, especially those with slower internet connections, a seamless trading experience and superior performance. 

Furthermore, the latter release has introduced several new features to the platform. Implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security for traders, curbing concerns about account safety when accessing the platform from different devices. This additional safeguard aligns with industry standards and is especially crucial for platforms used in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Introducing a guest mode is another significant feature, particularly from a broker’s perspective. It allows users to explore the platform without the need to create an account, providing a considerable advantage for many traders. Moreover, the forthcoming integration of OAuth, enabling login through Google or other selected social media accounts, will simplify the account creation and login processes, helping brokers improve conversion rates.

Previously introduced Investor access, now coupled with the ‘share my trade’ feature enabling the sharing of a graphic detailing each closed position with a comment, empower traders by promoting information sharing within the trading community and supports brokers in attracting more clients.


In addition to the recent integration with ZuluTrade, the platform’s internal social trading mechanism has been significantly expanded by introducing subscription fees for money managers, allowing them to charge a fixed fee for sharing their trading signals. This enhancement aims to increase the platform’s attractiveness to signal providers, facilitating brokers in attracting a larger client base and promoting greater engagement among existing clients.

To ensure a seamless deployment for clients, the Match-Trader development team conducted thorough testing before implementing the changes. Over 100 employees participated in an internal contest, rigorously evaluating the new version to identify and resolve any bugs or issues.

The refactoring of the Match-Trader trading platform represents a significant milestone in its evolution. The improvements driven by adopting TypeScript and introducing new features underscore the platform’s commitment to delivering a superior trading experience to its diverse user base. With the smoother operation, enhanced mobile performance, and expanded functionalities, Match-Trader aims to empower traders and further establish its position as a leading solution in the forex industry.

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