• Match-Trade July release: Multi-Chart mode in the Match-Trader platform


This July, we focused on improving our products to match the needs of the ever-evolving market. Our key update, the Multi-Chart mode in the Match-Trader platform’s Web version, allows traders to display and interact with multiple charts all within a single browser screen. Coupled with the addition of new features like the “Share my trade” functionality, Akurateco payment integration and the new interface of the Match2Pay crypto payment gateway, these advancements are designed to help your brokerage business stay ahead of the competition. Keep reading to uncover a complete list of updates.

Multi-Chart mode in the Match-Trader platform

The Match-Trader, an intuitive, user-friendly and fully customizable trading platform, now offers a Multi-Chart mode in the platform’s Web version. This functionality enhances workspace personalization, enabling traders to simultaneously open and manipulate multiple charts on a single browser screen. The Multi-Chart functionality enriches the platform’s analytical capabilities, allowing for independently adjusting each displayed chart. Traders can change displayed instruments, indicators, and time intervals. Moreover, each chart provides users with various drawing tools. Currently, the platform supports the simultaneous display of up to four charts. Multiple layouts are available, allowing users to select their preferred platform view according to the options provided by the Broker, including dark and light modes.

Benefits for Brokers:

Comparisons and analyses of instruments are now easier than ever. The ability to personalize charts allows traders to monitor different time intervals for the same instrument in real time, as well as to discover potential correlations between different instruments. This change is significant for traders for whom charts constitute the main source of market information. Therefore, the innovative Multi-Chart functionality attracts investors looking for the latest analysis tools, giving Brokers a competitive edge on the market.

Match2Pay crypto payment gateway has a brand new look

We are excited to introduce the new interface of our proprietary crypto payment gateway, Match2Pay. After months of hard work, we are proud to unveil a fresh, intuitive, user-friendly interface with comprehensive reporting tools and simplified navigation. With a focus on end-user comfort, we have completely reimagined our payment page to deliver an enhanced user experience, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free payment process for all your customers.

Benefits for Brokers:

The revamped Match2Pay crypto payment gateway offers numerous advantages for Brokers. With its intuitive and user-friendly design, Brokers can manage their transactions more easily and efficiently. Comprehensive reporting tools provide a complete overview of transaction history and current status, making it easier for Brokers to track their cash flow and manage their funds effectively. The seamless and hassle-free payment process further guarantees customer satisfaction, leading to a higher client retention rate.

“Share my trade” functionality on the Match-Trader platform

In July, we added a new feature that allows Match-Trader platform users to generate a graphic detailing each closed position and add a comment to share their trading strategy with the investor community. The graphic includes complete information about the trade, such as the instrument’s name, opening and closing price, trade closing time, and profit. Additionally, it shows whether the position was a Buy or Sell.

Benefits for Brokers:

This functionality is particularly beneficial for Money Managers, who can showcase their investment results and promote their services among current and potential subscribers. This update is another way to promote the Broker’s platform and attract both experienced Money Managers and novice traders. As a result, this new feature can effectively increase the platform’s visibility and interest within the investor community.

Enhancing payment options with the integration of new PSP – Akurateco

This July, we took measures to expand payment options for traders using the Match-Trader platform and Client Office CRM. We introduced the ability to make deposits via Akurateco – an advanced aggregator of various payment methods. With more than 270 integrated banking solutions and payment methods globally, Akurateco ensures a smooth and uninterrupted flow of payments for Brokers’ clients.

Benefits for Brokers:

After integrating Akurateco, Brokers can offer their traders the ability to make deposits using various payment methods provided by this PSP. This update gives traders convenient and secure forms of payment, leading to greater satisfaction with the Broker’s services and bolstering their overall trading experience.

Mandatory 2FA for traders on the Match-Trader platform

To elevate the security level, we introduced the option to enforce mandatory 2FA (two-factor authentication) for traders using the Match-Trader platform. Here’s how it works: A Broker can activate the mandatory 2FA verification for their clients in our Forex CRM system. If a trader logs into their account without configuring the 2FA, they won’t gain access to the trading platform until they activate and set up the 2FA.

Benefits for Brokers:

The advantages of this functionality are crucial for the safety of a trader’s account. The 2FA elevates the security level as it necessitates two distinct forms of authentication from the user. The implementation of mandatory 2FA ensures that operations on positions and deposits/withdrawals are inaccessible until the 2FA is set up, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Visualizing closed positions on charts

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve analytical capabilities on the Match-Trader platform, we introduced an optimized view of closed positions. A trade’s opening and closing points are now marked with arrows on the chart. An additional line connecting these points simplifies tracking time and price changes of closed positions, aiding in efficient and precise historical trading analysis.

Benefits for Brokers:

This feature empowers traders to refine their trading strategies based on a detailed review of past positions. By offering a clearer, easy-to-understand view of closed trades, we aim to bolster traders’ capacity to make informed decisions, leading to more successful trading practices. This entails an increase in trading activity, therefore, leading to higher trading volumes for Brokers.

Improving Analytics tab per instrument functionality

In July, we introduced a fresh update to the Market tab in Symbol Info – a real-time, comprehensive analytics feature for every trading instrument. Now, in addition to the daily minimum and maximum for the specific instrument, traders can also see the symbol’s weekly and monthly price change within this tab. This means investors can quickly check how the instrument performs in a given week or month and what can be expected.

Benefits for Brokers:

This updated functionality allows traders to conduct a more in-depth analysis before opening a position, significantly improving the quality of their investment decisions. Adding each instrument’s weekly and monthly price range in the Market tab facilitates analysis based on long-range price movement. In summary, Brokers can offer their traders a convenient and powerful analysis tool, enhancing client satisfaction.

Improving Data Management in our Match2Pay crypto payment gateway 

For deposits made using the Match2Pay crypto payment gateway, we will now transmit the trading account ID associated with specific transactions. This detail will be visible in both the Requests and Crypto transactions tabs on the Match2Pay dashboard. Additionally, Brokers will have the ability to filter transactions by this parameter.

Benefits for Brokers:

Thanks to displaying the trading account ID in Match2Pay, Brokers can now more easily identify transactions made by individual clients. This, in turn, accelerates and streamlines the analysis of transaction-related reports. Ultimately, this allows for more effective resolution of potential issues and shortens the response time to problem reports, ensuring better customer service.

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