• Match-Trader Platform completes integration to Centroid Bridge


Match-Trader, an award-winning trading platform developed by Match-Trade Technologies, has integrated with Centroid Solution’s Bridge Engine, an institutional-grade connectivity solution, thus expanding its ecosystem of connectivity, order routing and execution functionality available for brokers.

Match-Trader is available in two offerings: as a White Label and as a Broker’s Own Server. Clients can choose from a wide range of built-in apps, e.g. Social and Copy Trading solutions, Client Office, and Integrated Payments, which can be customised according to their needs to increase the potential of their business.

Centroid Bridge is an institutional-grade connectivity, execution, and reporting system which offers state-of-the-art order execution capabilities to accommodate the needs of any broker. It supports connectivity to any number of liquidity providers and retail trading platforms – which, from now on, includes Match-Trader.

This is not the first integration between the two companies. As Centroid Solutions expanded its customer’s connectivity options in 2020, it integrated with the Match-Trader Pro – platform used by Match-Prime Liquidity, a liquidity provider, Match-Trade’s strategic partner. Thanks to this integration, Centroid customers gained access to over 2000 trading instruments and 9 asset classes from Match-Prime’s Liquidity offer. Now the companies have taken a step forward and expanded their cooperation into a new business area.

“The last few years have been a very good time for our companies, both Centroid and Match-Trader are getting more and more popular every day. New brokers are interested in our products, so to meet their expectations, we decided to expand our integration. From now on, our Match-Trader Trading Platform will be integrated with the advanced Bridge Engine offered by Centroid Solutions. The extension of our technological ecosystem gives our clients more flexibility in choosing their desired bridge provider” – said Michael Karczewski, Chief Executive Officer at Match-Trade Technologies.

“We are delighted to have extended our collaboration with Match-Trade Technologies. As a connectivity provider, we are constantly looking to add integrations and options to our award-winning Bridge Engine, both in terms of liquidity providers with a wide range of products, and comprehensive trading platforms, that can help our clients grow and successfully expand their business. With Match-Trade, they have certainly fit both categories. With this collaboration, I believe we can help our clients in building the most sophisticated and flexible brokerage setups they require to succeed in our ever-changing and innovative market. To this extent, we are also planning as a next step to integrate our flagship Risk Engine with the Match-Trader Platform” – added Cristian Vlasceanu, Chief Executive Officer at Centroid Solutions.

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