Updated 2021-08-03

Match-Trade Technologies has joined forces with Squaretalk, a global interactive business communications platform, to expand the range of functionalities offered to Forex brokers in the company’s proprietary Client Office CRM.

Match-Trade, recently named the Best Technology Provider by B2B Global Forex Awards, continues to enhance its product offer. Seeking the best solution to expand the capabilities of its forex CRM the provider decided to integrate with the leading cloud-based communication software provider. Adding the Squaretalk Axiom VoIP system to Match-Trade’s Client Office CRM allows Brokers to make calls directly from the application with one click.

However, the possibility of convenient voice communication is not the only advantage of the system. The Squaretalk Axiom platform provides a wide range of information to track and analyze the lead path. Thanks to the automation of daily sales activities, it facilitates business processes, allowing brokers to focus on better customer service.

The new feature allows brokers to collect statistics on the number of received and missed calls, call duration, and the volume of calls for a specific period. It also enables the recording of outgoing and incoming calls directly in the Client Office CRM. Axiom also allows administrators to listen to live calls, privately coach agents and, if necessary, join the calls. All in real-time Thanks to these advanced features, it is possible to optimize communication with customers and resolve issues that may have occurred. Having the possibility of customizing the scenarios of incoming calls, Broker can significantly improve the sales performance. A comprehensive analysis of communication statistics will also allow assessing the attractiveness of the Broker’s offer and the effectiveness of marketing activities.

“This integration is a significant step towards the expansion of our CRM system so that it meets the requirements of professional sales systems,” says Jacek Czarniawski, Head of Product Development at Match-Trade technologies. “It has always been important for us to provide our clients with the most advanced technologies to help them boost their business. By integrating Squaretalk with our proprietary Client Office CRM, Brokers can increase their team’s efficiency and build a modern, client-oriented brokerage”.  

Commenting on the recent integration, Gavin Goodvach, Chief Business Officer at Squaretalk, said, “Adding the Squaretalk Axiom VoIP system to Match-Trade’s Client Office CRM significantly expands sales management and customer service possibilities. With one-click calling and the ability to view call history, recordings and other key metrics It is a solution that will work for both novice brokers, by automating many processes, and large brokerage businesses, improving their overall efficiency”.

Source: https://www.financemagnates.com/forex/technology/match-trade-technologies-adds-squaretalk-voip-system-to-its-client-office-crm/

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