• Match-Trade September Release: Social Trading & Client Office Integration. New Features.


Retail hedging mode in MetaTrader5 

In order to expand the possibilities of Brokers, we’ve added retail hedging mode for MetaTrader5 in our new release. Each customer position corresponds to a position with a Liquidity Provider. It allows to easily check the Broker’s profits from individual positions. 

Social Trading position markings

Social Trading open positions designation was added in our Client Office and Match-Trader platform. From now on, Traders will be able to distinguish the position opened by the client from the position opened by the followed Money Manager.  Also in Trading History Tab, you will see information about the Master from which the given position is.

Deposit bonus system 

In our new release, we’ve added a deposit bonus system for our most popular White Label platforms such as Match-Trader, MetaTrader 4 & 5. When making a deposit, your client is credited with a corresponding credit to the trading account. You can choose between two modes available: a fixed bonus or a percentage bonus. The bonus system will encourage your clients to make a deposit and make your brokerage offer more attractive. The bonus itself will be deducted when withdrawing.

The possibility of splitting customers with pools

That new feature, which was added to our Back office Apps, allows Brokers to view accounts of clients outside the branch. It also allows the Super Account Manager for supervision or KYC purposes to view customer accounts 1 and 2 (take a look at the picture to see how it works)

The possibility of splitting customers with pools

Leverage reduction in MT4/MT5

We’ve added the possibility of reducing the leverage by the user in MT4/MT5 and Client Office for Brokers. Users can modify the size of the lever within the predefined offer with one click and then select new leverage for the trading account. 

Social Trading & Client Office Integration

From our previous release, you already know that the Social Trading solution is available and can be used directly from the Client Office App. By September, we’ve prepared some new features so that this specialized system for copying traders’ deals and investment strategies helps to simplify and automate trading. From now on, observed masters are displayed in a separate section on the leaderboard. ROI summaries of observed masters and incentive fees, already calculated, are available in a detailed view. Our Client Office users will also have access to various additional statistics, ROI, funds invested and open positions of the observed master. 

Faster removal of your favorite instruments 

We are constantly improving the mobile version of our flagship Match-Trader platform to make it as user-friendly & intuitive as possible since it’s known that most transactions are made on the go. Now users will be able to remove tools from their favorites by swiping to the right, which will save more time for transactions and clear the panel of unnecessary symbols. 

New elements in Trading Account View 

In our September release, we’ve also added a few changes to the trading account view. Now, the internal transfer payments will become more visible, since a separate button has been created for it, which makes it easier to access and perform transfers to another trading account. Match-Trader allows instant transfers of funds between your clients trading accounts 24/7, which are immediate and free of charge. We’ve also added equity, margin and leverage to the trading account view, which will simplify account management for traders. 

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