• Match-Trade March Release


Top Movers Today Widget on Match-Trader 

In our March release, we’ve added the Top Movers Today widget to our Match-Trader platform, where investors can view which of the instruments have the highest volatility of the day. For Forex traders, it’s crucial to highlight the most volatile instruments, which are thus the most trending and allow them to earn potentially the most. This information will also enable novice traders to find potential investment opportunities easily and better manage the risk of existing positions. There is a possibility to extend or hide the section on the web and mobile version of the platform.

Redirect payment

A new payment solution allowing redirection to the external services is available in our Client Office for Match-Trader and MT4 / 5 users. The investors can transfer funds via different external PSPs using the deposit button on their CO account. The payment information stays saved in the CO while the Broker receives information via email that there’s a payment waiting to be confirmed.

Min/max volume columns & minimum commission setting

As in the previous release, we continued to improve the Admin App and inserted one small change to the Group Instrument Details view. We’ve added individual settings per group for given instruments, allowing Brokers to set a maximum or minimum transaction value. 

Also, Brokers will be able to set a minimum amount of commission to be paid by the trader. This new feature makes perfect with operations with stocks, for example. The Broker can set the commission per group of given instruments.

Deposits/withdrawals CSV export

A new CRM feature for reporting has been added in the Back Office App. Now Brokers can download the history of deposits and withdrawals in .csv format. The report also shows conversion rates for crypto deposits and withdrawals, making it easy to check cryptocurrency exposure if the Broker does not use our Crypto to FIAT conversion option. 

ReCaptcha data security tool

We’ve decided to strengthen data protection by adding the Google reCaptcha tool to the Back office application for our client’s information security. This type of protection was designed to eliminate submissions by computers and safeguard data, especially personal information. This security feature is embedded in the Back Office App to protect Brokers from possible hacker attacks and break-ins on their accounts. 

ENSO payments

To expand our payment options, we have integrated with the new PSP – ENSO payments. Every Broker using Match-Trader or Client Office with CRM will have access to the ENSO to make payments via credit/debit cards, wallet or bank transfers. It is also possible to make deposits in EUR or USD. 

BTC node

We are pleased to inform you that we’ve integrated our own BTC node without any intermediaries. Managing the BTC node on our side will help us to increase the range of upgrades in terms of cryptocurrency transactions – like Segwit address support which will be available soon.

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