• Match-Trade July Release: Key Brokerage Processes Automation


Yahoo Finance Integration – wide possibility for local deposits

In our July release, we’ve added Yahoo Finance Integration via API, which allows calculating deposits in local currency to USD using the Market rate (which can also be marked up). Considering the wide range of local PSPs already integrated with the Match-Trader platform and Client Office with CRM, it’s an excellent way for Brokers to receive automatic local deposits, while trading accounts can still be in USD.

VoIP Integration – Squaretalk Screen in our CRM

In our Client Office with CRM, direct calls using click2call technology will be available for all Brokers in the Back Office. Thus, contacting clients has become even more accessible, and all lead management actions can be performed within our App, which gives Brokers a great advantage.
Thanks to the SquareTalk VoIP software provider, sales managers now can hide their number when making a call or choose another available local phone number (for a given country)

Awepay withdraws added

A new feature has been added to one of our already integrated PSPs in our Back Office Apps. From now on, withdrawals for South-East Asia are available in Awepay on our Match-Trader Platform.

Razorpay integration

We have added a new payment provider to our Back Office applications. Razorpay is only available for businesses registered in India, but with its International Payments feature, the new PSP has multi-currency support for up to 100 currencies, including USD, GBP, Singapore Dollars, Euro, UAE Dirham and more. Now our clients from India can accept payments from customers in the form of bank transfers, using the Razorpay Payment Links, and have access to all payment modes, including credit card, debit card and net banking.

Auto-hide All Symbols’ categories

For this release, we’ve added the ability to automatically hide the categories of all symbols if there are no instruments in this category on the Match-Trader Platform. Categories of only those instruments that the broker has turned on in-group remain visible.

Swaps & Commission in Match-Trader Pro

In July, we added two new ledger categories to our Match-Trader Pro platform for LPs – Swaps and Commission. Thereby, Institutional brokers can control their hedge accounts better.

“Detach account” option for MAM offer on MT4/MT5

For MetaTrader 4&5 platforms, instead of the “Invested”, the “detach account” option has been added. It thus became possible to convert the MAM account into a regular trading account. Full service of MAM is now available from the Client Office level (attach & detach) for MT4 and MT5.

Match-Trader platform’ updates

Now information about the trading account from which the operation was performed will appear on the Match-Trader platform. An unverified account tag will appear next to the trading account that hasn’t yet been verified. For accounts that have been verified, only the account number will be shown.

Adjustments in Branch Managers & Roles

From now on, all accounts that have access to the broker data are visible. All roles that enable the management of individual departments in the company are visible – support, sales, KYC & etc.

IB Room’ New Improvements

Multiple improvements have been added to the “Sub IB & Clients” tab in IB Room in our Client Office. Now the balance of clients and Sub IB is displayed there, and it is also possible to expand the Sub-IB tree to the level of the clients. If no commission structure is linked to the IB account, there will appear instructions to contact the broker.

New TimeLine in a Leads Tab

We’ve added more automated control functions to our Back-Office apps; therefore, Brokers can improve employee performance and receive a complete history of communication with the clients. New TimeLine in the “Leads” tab automatically adds all the information from the Squaretalk VoIP system about the call time or about unsuccessful attempts to contact the given lead. You can also create notes by yourself.

“Do not show emails nor phone numbers” marker

We added a new marker to the “Role Management” Tab for Back Office for our July releases – “Don’t show email and phone numbers”. This will hide emails and phone calls for specific roles. Sales managers can call but without the ability to suspect the phone. The new feature has a positive impact on security – we have eliminated the possibility of data leaks by the employees.

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