• Match-Trade January release: Comprehensive performance analysis dashboard in our Match-Trader platform


This month, we’re excited to unveil a series of significant enhancements across our solutions for Forex Brokers. Central to our updates is the advanced analytical dashboard in our Match-Trader platform, designed to meet the evolving needs of our users by providing detailed trading statistics in an intuitive format. Alongside this, we’re introducing connection loss alerts for the mobile version of Match-Trader, customizable verification code emails in our Forex CRM personalized Terms & Conditions URLs and much more. Discover how these latest enhancements can revolutionize your brokerage business and set new standards in the Forex industry.

Comprehensive performance analysis dashboard in our Match-Trader platform

In response to the ever-growing expectations of our users, we have introduced an advanced analytical dashboard in the Match-Trader platform, providing investors with comprehensive trading statistics. Our newly introduced “Performance” tab, easily found in the dropdown menu, gathers critical performance metrics of your traders’ activities. Previously exclusive to Money Managers, these statistics are now available to all live investors, providing insightful access to their trading effectiveness on the Broker’s platform. This tab presents data in a user-friendly format, allowing traders to effortlessly track and analyze their trading performance over the past three months or since the beginning of their activity. Available key performance indicators include:

  • ROI
  • Total Return
  • Best & Worst Trades
  • Profitable Buys/Sells vs Losing Buys/Sells
  • Profitable/Losing Days
  • Average Win/Loss
  • Monthly Return

A new feature also includes the presentation of ROI data in the Closed Positions section.

Benefits for Brokers:

The introduction of the advanced analytical dashboard on the Match-Trader platform brings significant benefits to Brokers. Now, every trader can easily analyze the effectiveness of their live trading activities, leading to more informed investment decisions and increased activity on the platform. As a result, the Match-Trader platform becomes more attractive to a diverse range of users, fostering their loyalty and satisfaction and enhancing the potential to attract new users.

Adding connection loss alerts for the mobile version of the Match-Trader

In our continuous effort to enhance user experience on the mobile version, we are introducing a new feature – automatic notifications for internet connection loss. Thanks to a top-sliding banner, Match-Trader platform users will now be instantly informed about any interruptions in network access. The banner automatically appears when a connection is lost and disappears as soon as it’s re-established.

Benefits for Brokers:

Traders can quickly determine if their issues stem from a lack of network access. Consequently, this reduces the number of inquiries directed to the support department, positively impacting the Brokers’ work efficiency. With this simple yet significant update, the Match-Trader platform further simplifies and streamlines the investment process in the mobile environment.

Custom verification code emails in our Forex CRM

Optimize your brokerage business’s marketing communication with customized verification code emails. In the “Configuration > Operations” section of our Forex CRM system, we now offer the ability to customize email templates for verification codes, a crucial element in the user registration and email verification process. This feature allows Brokers to create unique, branded emails that not only stand out in the market but also build stronger connections with clients from the first interaction. If the Broker decides not to use the template customization option, our system will keep sending the standard emails.

Benefits for Brokers:

Customized emails enhance your brand’s visibility, which is vital in establishing a strong and lasting market presence. Unique and professionally crafted onboarding materials make your brand appear more professional and trustworthy. Seize this opportunity to differentiate yourself in the Forex market and build stronger relationships with your clients from the very first interaction.

Customizable Terms & Conditions URLs in our Forex CRM

Brokers now have the ability to personalize the registration process by setting specific Terms & Conditions that users must accept. Our Forex CRM system has been enhanced with a dedicated tab. Here, Brokers can easily configure and name these fields, which will then be visible in the Client Office for traders as well as on the Match-Trader platform, complete with the appropriate hyperlinks.

Benefits for Brokers:

The advantage of this solution is the flexibility in tailoring the registration process to specific legal and regulatory requirements. This approach not only increases client trust by presenting the Broker as a transparent and responsible company but also emphasizes its commitment to meeting clients’ individual needs and expectations. As a result, Brokers can better comply with local laws while building stronger and more trusted relationships with clients.

Enhancing Security on the Match-Trader platform

On the Match-Trader platform and in the Client Office for traders, the option to set mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) was previously available globally for each Broker in the Configuration > Broker Profile section. Now, we are introducing the ability to manage this feature individually for different client groups (branches).

Benefits for Brokers:

The introduction of the option to set required two-factor authentication for individual branches offers Brokers greater flexibility in tailoring their services to the needs of different client groups. This allows for the application of higher security levels for specific client groups, thereby enhancing the security of transactions and data. This new functionality not only raises the security standards on the platform but also enables Brokers to better segment their offerings, potentially attracting a wide range of clients seeking individually tailored security solutions.

Enhancing User Experience in our Social Trading Solution

This January, we also introduced a new feature in our Social Trading solution that displays the monthly subscription fee in both the Money Manager’s and the follower’s currencies. This functionality is useful when the currency of the Money Manager’s account differs from that of the follower’s.

Benefits for Brokers:

This feature significantly eases the process for clients with accounts in different currencies to accurately calculate the cost of the subscription. Thanks to automatic currency conversion, the subscription amount is presented using the current exchange rate, eliminating the need for manual calculations. This simplifies the subscription process and increases the transparency of costs, leading to greater convenience and satisfaction for users. Such a solution not only improves the client experience but also strengthens trust in the platform, facilitating financial management across different currencies.

Copying selected positions when initiating a Social Trading subscription

As users begin subscribing to a new Money Manager, they now have the option to copy selected positions that the Manager currently has open. When opening the window to add a new subscription, a list of the open positions held by the Money Manager is displayed, along with a new feature allowing users to select which positions they wish to copy at current market prices.

Benefits for Brokers:

Traders, when starting their subscription, now have the ability to clearly view the open positions of the chosen Money Manager. Based on this information, they can more easily assess whether the manager’s strategy suits their needs and whether they want to start copying it. Additionally, with just a few clicks, they can select and copy specific positions from the current holdings of the Money Manager. This new feature not only increases the transparency and accessibility of information for traders but also facilitates a quick and informed decision-making process regarding subscriptions, leading to greater engagement and satisfaction with the platform.

Intuitive risk management in our Match-Trader Manager

In Match-Trader Manager, we have introduced a feature for colour-coding Margin Levels based on the current margin level of a client. This new option is available for configuration in the “Configuration” tab of the Manager. When this option is activated, three colours are available for Margin Level: green, yellow, and red. Each colour can be set to activate at a specific margin level; for example, yellow could activate when the Margin Level reaches 30%.

Benefits for Brokers:

This functionality allows Brokers to quickly and intuitively assess the risk level of their clients through easier visualization. The colour-coded Margin Level, in addition to the numerical value previously displayed, minimizes the risk of errors arising from incorrect interpretation of the margin level. As a result, Brokers can manage risk more effectively and provide better client support.

Status Page feature in our Match2Pay crypto payment gateway

Match2Pay crypto payment gateway has undergone an upgrade to enhance user experience, now featuring a new Status Page. This innovative feature delivers live updates about the operational health of the Match2Pay platform. It’s designed to keep users fully informed regarding any incidents, planned maintenance, or potential service disruptions that could affect their transactions. With the Status Page, users can actively monitor the service status of Match2Pay, ensuring seamless transaction processing.

Benefits for Brokers:

With the new status page feature, Match2Pay users gain greater control and insight into their transaction activities spanning the last 30 days. This includes generating new deposit addresses, processing deposit transactions, and overseeing withdrawal transactions. The level of transparency this Status Page provides plays a crucial role in keeping users well-informed about the platform’s operational status. This, in turn, promotes a sense of control and confidence in the platform’s reliability.

XRP Withdrawals Now Available for Match2Pay users

In our continuous effort to improve payment experiences in the dynamic financial market, we’ve added XRP withdrawals to our crypto payment gateway.

Benefits for Brokers:

Incorporating XRP into Match2Pay significantly boosts the range of available payment options. This addition enables Brokers to provide their clients with a broader selection of cryptocurrency withdrawal choices, a critical factor in growing their customer base. The inclusion of XRP, renowned for its low transaction fees and swift transfer capabilities, aids in reducing withdrawal costs for clients. This enhancement, along with the prior addition of Dogecoin and XRP for deposits, streamlines financial processes and draws in clients who value a variety of efficient payment solutions.

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