• Match-Trade February release: Redirection to the external CRM within the Match-Trader platform


In February, we introduced changes to our Match-Trader platform, Forex CRM software, and Social Trading Administrative application. Some of the changes include adding redirection to the external CRM within the Match-Trader and improving the import feature in the CRM. Keep reading to find the complete list of changes and how they can benefit your brokerage business.

Redirection to the external CRM within the Match-Trader platform

In February, we enabled redirection to external CRMs from within the Match-Trader platform for the Deposit/Withdrawal, Edit Profile, Financial Operations, About Us, and Open New Account buttons.

Benefits for Brokers

Thanks to Match-Trader’s new redirection feature, Brokers can easily integrate their preferred CRMs with the platform or use already integrated CRMs – B2Core and FX Back Office. By simply placing links to their selected CRMs under the buttons listed above, brokers can significantly reduce the cost and time of integration without the necessity to embed trading platform directly in their Client Office. This streamlined process saves time and resources and enhances flexibility, providing brokers with more control and greater efficiency.

Redirection in case of missing trading account in the Match-Trader platform

Suppose a customer trying to log in to the Match-Trader platform does not have a trading account. In that case, they will receive an appropriate message and be redirected to the registration dashboard in the Client Office.

Benefits for Brokers

The change will provide traders with a more efficient and user-friendly account creation process. Streamlined registration flow reduces potential frustration and roadblocks.

Improving the Audit Log Tab in our Forex CRM

In February release, the Audit log tab, which allows checking actions performed by CRM users, has been updated with information regarding the following changes:

  • Branch name change – includes the old and new name
  • CPA Program configuration addition and removal
  • Cashback configuration addition and removal
  • Role editing: permissions, name, do not show emails/phone numbers
  • Any field editing in Payment Gateways. The log should include the name of the edited field and the old and new values. If the API secret/key has been changed, we will only notify that the field value has changed without specifying the old and new value
  • Lead and client import: the total number of imported leads/clients and whether the “import as deposited client” checkbox was selected
  • Password change

Additionally, the message column has been expanded to display the entire message, with the option to open it in a new tab. Brokers can now also filter logs by date and event, and these filters will be reflected in exports.

Benefits for Brokers

The detailed log with filtered and exported information helps Brokers quickly identify and rectify errors, monitor employees, and enhance transparency. This can lead to improved performance and better outcomes for the business.

Expanding the import functionality in the Forex CRM

We’re constantly working on improving data management in our Forex CRM. In February, the following enhancements were added to the import feature:

  • Information on optional and mandatory fields such as Login, Group, etc
  • An error handling to inform if the imported file format is incorrect and to provide information where the import was stopped 
  • Status logging for successful import and account creation with the appropriate information, “Account email: … OK”
  • Assigning an account manager after importing for the entire import
  • The option for Brokers to decide whether emails should be sent to imported accounts or not
  • Separation of the “name” parameter into two parameters: first name and last name
  • Information from which account the import was made. The log message lists all the accounts imported by the user

Benefits for Brokers

The import feature has been improved to increase efficiency and allow a more detailed error investigation. This functionality helps Brokers save time and resources when importing data, as any errors can be quickly identified and addressed, minimizing potential delays or mistakes.

Support for lead source in the registration link in our Forex CRM

Support for lead sources has been added to registration links. This feature enables the lead source parameter to be automatically assigned to accounts created through these links.

Benefits for Brokers: 

Easier identification of the lead acquisition source allows Brokers to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and focus on the most successful ones. This improvement leads to a more efficient lead generation and conversion process.

Improved Deposits/Withdrawals Tab export in the CRM

We have added the Name and Surname columns to the exported file in the Deposits/Withdrawals tab.

Benefits for Brokers: 

With the addition of the new columns, Brokers can obtain a more comprehensive view of their client’s transaction history.

Expanding subscriber information in Social Trading Admin application

We also introduced changes to the Social Trading Admin application. From now on, it will be possible to see in the subscribers’ view:

  • The current profit generated on money manager subscriptions
  • The value that indicates the remaining amount needed to meet the high watermark rule, which is the fee level that a Money Manager must exceed before it is recalculated

Benefits for Brokers:

These updates allow Brokers’ teams to monitor the most profitable money managers and have greater transparency in calculating incentive fees.

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