• Match-Trade December release


1. KYC functionality in Client Office

Our Client Office application has been updated with the possibility of verifying new users. While creating this feature, we came with the assumption that the Broker should easily customize the KYC process. Therefore, we’ve added the possibility to choose which actions need to be done by unverified users and for which compliance action is obligatory. Brokers can process operations like trading account creation, deposit or withdrawal using particular payment gateways depending on the result of AML procedure.

Brokers can also choose which documents have to be uploaded by the client, setting if they are obligatory. What is more,  depending on the account type different fields can be used for a registration form.

2. Trades summary tab in Match-Trader Manager

A new tab “Trades summary” has been added to the Manager application –  it provides the broker with detailed information, very useful while profiling the client and choosing proper risk strategy for him (A-book or B-book). Brokers can see volume traded, percentage of winning and losing trades and average trade duration or the most profitable instrument of each client in a particular period.

3. Hedge monitor and profitability reports available for WL Clients

All Brokers who use our Liquidity now have access to the hedge monitor tab, where they can see their current exposure on each instrument on the hedge account in comparison to clients accounts. It is a very useful tool to monitor if all trades are opened correctly on A-book groups and to check if there are any discrepancies. On the bottom of this window, we have added access to the profitability reports, which allow brokers to check how much they earn on each trade routed to LP. 

4. Match-Trader in Apple and Google Store

We are pleased to inform you that our Match-Trader has been released in the app version and is now available to download in both App Store and Google Play. Our client’s branded platform can be distributed in the same way.

Match-Trader in Apple Store
Match-Trader in Google Store

5. Lead account manager

As part of the Sales area in our Back office, we’ve decided to add a so-called lead account manager. Such a person can be assigned to a specific lead even after he already deposits money. Thanks to our role management functionality Broker can decide who in his team can change the account manager.

6. External Client Office mode

Some of our clients due to privacy policy and already widely used CRM by their traders decided to integrate with Match-Trader platform without an embedded Client Office. Our developers created a special mode for such clients – together with API provided by Match-Trade integration goes smoothly from both sides.

7. New payment gateways

Interkassa and Odeonpay are two PSPs used by our clients which have been integrated into both the new Client Office and Match-Trader platform. The Broker’s clients can easily use credit Card payments offered by these two companies once the Broker is onboarded.

8. Payment gateway – separate deposits from withdrawals

Some of the payment methods can be restricted by the broker as only deposit or only withdrawal option. This way brokers can decide where money flows in and flows out for example traders can deposit only using Bitcoin and withdraw via Skrill.

9. Trading account to confirm

Another option of handling client registration has been added. We have added the possibility to manually approve the creation of a trading account in specific or all offers. For each trader’s request, the broker will receive an email notification to confirm or reject it without  delay.

10. Advanced search in Admin panel

Our previous search of accounts has been expanded with additional features. At this moment,  brokers can easily search through client’s accounts from one place – type in the trading account, account status, account manager or branch and it will help you to find a proper client!

11. Local stocks support

Our wide offer of global stocks has been fully supported by the Match-Trader platform. We have added a calculation mechanism which helps to show contract value, TP or SL value of the stocks in local currencies. It is also possible to add request stocks from over 12 countries, mostly from European markets.  

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