• Match-Trade August release: Log in to the Match-Trader platform using your Google account


To ensure your brokerage business remains a leader in the industry, we’re presenting a comprehensive set of updates this August. These enhancements span our Match-Trader trading platform, Forex CRM, Match2Pay crypto payment gateway and more. From simplified account registration and login via Google to refined payment methods, every upgrade is thoughtfully designed to meet the demands of today’s market landscape. 

Log in to the Match-Trader platform using your Google account

This August, we have broadened the range of login options available in the Match-Trader trading platform and Client Office for traders. Users can now conveniently register and log in using their Google accounts. With the integration of the Google Sign-In feature, users are guaranteed a seamless registration process. Plus, those with existing accounts can effortlessly log in with their Google credentials, which will be automatically linked to their existing profile. The feature is being gradually rolled out and will soon be available for all our customers.

Benefits for Brokers

Introducing the Google Sign-In feature positions the Match-Trader platform alongside industry leaders in terms of user-friendly onboarding. Account creation is now quicker and more straightforward than ever. By tapping into Google’s esteemed technology, we not only amplify the platform’s reliability but also boost users’ trust in the Broker’s technological prowess.

Improved sales flow with customizable lead statuses in our Forex CRM

With the advancement of Match-Trade’s Forex CRM, Brokers can now manage their sales processes with greater flexibility and efficiency. One of the standout features is the “Lead Statuses” tab. Within this tab, Brokers can:

  • Create and customize lead statuses according to their working style
  • Assign these statuses to specific stages in the Sales Dashboard
  • Maintain complete control over the default statuses, with options to edit, delete, or deactivate them

Benefits for Brokers:

Thanks to updated Match-Trade’s Forex CRM, Brokers have full capabilities to customize lead statuses, leading to better organization and work efficiency. By creating their own statuses, they can more accurately identify and categorize their leads, facilitating analysis and planning of marketing campaigns. The precise lead status also ensures organized communication with potential clients, helping to deliver more personalized and targeted messages.

Polygon Blockchain is now available for Match2Pay users 

In response to the rapidly evolving market, we’ve released a significant update to our Match2Pay crypto payment gateway. We now facilitate deposits and withdrawals using the Polygon blockchain network. This emerging network supports a range of tokens, including MATIC, USDT, and USDC.

Benefits for Brokers

The integration of the Polygon blockchain broadens the spectrum of payment methods, catering to the growing demands and expectations of clients. One of Polygon’s standout features is its reduced transaction fees compared to some major networks. This means Brokers can provide more competitive rates to their clients while maintaining profitability.

Making the depositing process more straightforward

We introduced significant enhancements to both the Match-Trader platform and the Client Office for traders. The updates revolve around fund deposits. For payment methods such as Bank Transfer, Custom Bank Transfer, Online Payment, and Redirect Payment, we introduced a new field in the CRM: “QR code details.” Brokers can now input specific details, like a cryptocurrency wallet address or a dedicated payment page link. Once these details are in place, traders, upon selecting the relevant payment gateway, receive a QR code embedded with the information provided by the Broker.

Benefits for Brokers: 

Adding the “QR code details” field for payment methods offers numerous benefits for both Brokers and traders. It enables quicker and smoother transactions and provides a broader scope for customizing payment methods. Moreover, this feature reduces the potential for errors that can occur with manual data entry.

Daily price range available in the mobile version of Match-Trader Platform

As we continue to refine the Match-Trader platform, our focus remains on enhancing the user experience for mobile devices. In our latest update to the mobile version, we introduced the ability to view the daily price range directly within the individual symbols views and open positions. Additionally, by long-pressing a symbol in the Market Watch section, users are now directed to the detailed view of that instrument in the Market Details section.

Benefits for Brokers:

The daily price range has become more accessible – not just in the Symbol info tab but also when browsing a specific symbol or analyzing an open position. This feature, combined with swift access to Market Details, gives traders a more intuitive overview of the price changes for their trading instruments.

Intuitive account verification tracking within the Client Office

We added an intuitive, colour-coded indicator right below the trader’s email address within the Client Office’s top bar, making the account verification status clear:

  • Verified Users: green label
  • Verification in Progress: orange label
  • Verification Unsuccessful: red label

Benefits for Brokers:

Now, traders can check the account verification status more straightforwardly. This feature prevents situations where a user is uncertain about the stage of verification of their KYC documents. By committing to such transparency, Brokers can solidify their position as trustworthy partners who consistently keep clients in the loop.

Enhanced payment verification: Mandatory Proof of Payment 

Brokers now have amplified control over payment method settings. In our Forex CRM, for methods such as Bank Transfer, Custom Bank Transfer, Redirect Payment, and Online Payment, there’s an option to set a ‘proof of payment’ field as mandatory. When activated, users on the Client Office and Match-Trader platforms will need to attach a confirming document before closing the payment page. If they try to leave the page, they’ll receive a prompt asking for confirmation.

Benefits for Brokers:

Now, Brokers no longer need to wait for the payment to reflect in their account. Instead, they can instantly credit the funds based on the received payment confirmation. This functionality will help to eliminate situations where a trader cannot quickly start or continue trading due to delays in bank transfers. The seamless payment process enhances the overall satisfaction of the Broker’s clients and contributes to higher trading volumes on the platform.

Improving the Go & Trade button functionality for Safari users

In August, we refined the User Experience within our Client Office for traders, tailoring our services to cater to the expansive iOS user base. Now, when using Safari on a mobile device, the Go & Trade button launches the Match-Trader trading platform within the current tab rather than opening a new one.

Benefits for Brokers:

This modification ensures a smoother and more user-friendly experience for iOS users on the Client Office and Match-Trader platform, elevating overall trading satisfaction.

Enhancing the usability of Partner Room for IBs 

In August, we also introduced an update to our dedicated Partner Room: the ability to search by email. The Partner Room, part of our Client Office for traders, is a space specially designed for IBs and sub-IBs. This convenient solution allows them to manage their partner network, generate referral links, analyze performance, and calculate and pay commissions earned.

Benefits for Brokers:

Our enhanced email search feature makes it much easier to identify and manage IB levels. This feature ensures effortless access to essential data, thereby boosting the user experience and functionality of the Partner Room interface.

Streamlining Account Manager assignments in our Forex CRM

This August, we took further steps to ensure Brokers can manage the sales process effortlessly. We rolled out a new feature in our Forex CRM, making it simpler than ever to auto-assign clients to their respective Account Managers. It’s straightforward — when a registration link for the Client Office or the Match-Trader platform includes a unique Account Manager ID, the client is seamlessly mapped to the corresponding manager as soon as they set up their trading account.

Benefits for Brokers:

By automatically aligning clients with the right Account Manager, we’ve made relationship management and communication more straightforward. This functionality is especially beneficial for Brokers who have multiple Account Managers. It not only reduces manual interventions but also ensures that there’s clarity about which manager should be responsible for a particular trader.

Direct links to blockchain scanners within the Match2Pay 

The latest Match2Pay enhancement includes adding direct links to blockchain scanners for specific records within the “Crypto transactions” and “Requests” tabs. This functionality allows Brokers to seamlessly monitor and analyze cryptocurrency transactions in real time.

  • Crypto Transactions Tab: Upon clicking a record, users are redirected to the blockchain scanner, where they can delve into the specifics of a particular transaction.
  • Requests Tab: The link navigates the user to a specific wallet address within the blockchain scanner. This offers a comprehensive view of the entire transaction history associated with that address, providing a complete snapshot of wallet activity.

Benefits for Brokers:

Integrating direct links to blockchain scanners into the Match2Pay interface represents a significant step toward enhancing efficiency, security, and transparency in managing cryptocurrency transactions. Brokers can instantly verify if a client has sent funds to the correct address. This safeguards against potential errors and allows for real-time monitoring of transaction statuses, especially those awaiting confirmation.

Trade Closure Reason is now visible in the Match-Trader Manager

This August, we also introduced a “Reason” column in the “Closed Trades” tab of our Match-Trader Manager, a dedicated administrative application for Brokers. This enhancement enables Brokers to swiftly determine whether a trade was manually closed by a trader or terminated by automated mechanisms such as Take Profit or Stop Loss.

Benefits for Brokers:

Adding the trade closure reason enhances transparency and gives Brokers deeper insights into their clients’ trading activities. This feature aids in risk management by offering brokers an improved capacity to identify and track trading patterns, thereby granting a more comprehensive understanding of their traders’ behaviour and strategies.

New Ledger Entries in the Match-Trader Manager

In the latest update to the Match-Trader Manager application, we introduced new ledger statuses: Inactivity Fee and Bonus In/Out.

Benefits for Brokers:

These new ledger categories allow Brokers to differentiate financial transactions on their clients’ accounts. These additions not only allow for streamlined financial management but also pave the way for deeper insights into financial reports and analyses.

Enhanced Symbol Configuration in Match-Trader Administrator

In August, we introduced improvements to the bulk instrument editing process within the Match-Trader Administrator. We added a new feature available during bulk edits: “Modify Only Entered Values.” With this option marked, users can adjust only those values they’ve specifically entered, leaving the rest untouched.

Benefits for Brokers:

This expanded control over settings allows Brokers to simultaneously adjust symbol parameters across multiple groups. It significantly enhances the User Experience by preventing unintended deletions of other parameters during bulk adjustments. Thanks to this, Brokers can save valuable time when editing instruments and improve operation efficiency.

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