• How the pandemic influenced the decision to become a Forex Broker?


The past year was extremely severe for the global economy because no one was able to predict the impact that the covid pandemic would have on individual industries. However, today you can draw some conclusions that look quite optimistic when it comes to the forex industry.

Forex trading is one of the industries that, thanks to the fact that it can function entirely online – has hardly felt the harmful effects of the lockdown introduced in most countries affected by the epidemic. By definition, the retail Forex industry is based mostly on highly leveraged instruments; therefore, volatility plays a significant role in influencing both Broker’s and traders’ profits. Most traders believe high volatility is an ideal occasion to become very rich in a short time. That’s why many brokers note an increased number of traders on their platforms and report record revenues.

Michał Karczewski, COO at Match-Trade Technologies

We launched our trading platform just over a year ago. Our team of developers created Match-Trader in cooperation with our forex experts. You can say that the launch of the platform took place in the conditions of a crawling economic crisis. Today we can safely say that the interest has exceeded our expectations “- says Michał Karczewski, COO at Match-Trade Technologies

The platform was designed mainly for startup Brokers who are looking for modern and functional solutions. Our platform is an all-in-one trading solution. It has a built-in Client Office and an integrated crypto payment solution that allows users from all over the world to deposit funds via credit card or wire transfer, regardless of local restrictions. Match-Trader is a comprehensive solution that allows efficient management of the entire forex business without the need to invest large funds to start.

As the forex market is booming during the pandemic, we get more and more inquiries from clients wishing to become a forex broker. We are like a one-stop-shop, Match-Trader with the support, we offer in registering a company and bank account as well as building a professional website is an ideal solution for every startup forex business“- he adds.

Increased interest in the company’s products and services meant that Match-Trade Technologies also had to expand its IT department and Broker support.

Arkadiusz Dankowski, CIO at Match-Trade Technologies.

Our IT department grew by almost a quarter during the year, and we are constantly recruiting for new projects. On the one hand, our programmers deal with the further development of our applications and adding new functionalities to our trading system. On the other hand, our developers are designing unique solutions such as the Business Intelligence module that we are just implementing. Many companies on the market offer standalone Broker’s Analytics software, we decided to implement such a solution in our Client Office, thanks to which clients manage their business using just one tool. Our programmers have created a solution that automatically analyzes all data from the Broker’s trading platforms and allows verifying business efficiency. Everything is presented in the form of a clear and intuitive dashboard. Also, we are still looking for employees to develop algorithms and trading systems used on the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Even though at the beginning of the year, we were somewhat uncertain about the future, now we have just finished moving to a much larger office to provide our employees comfortable workspace” – explains Arkadiusz Dankowski, CIO at Match-Trade Technologies.

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