• How can the right CRM help convert more leads into traders?


The primary goal of each Broker is to have the largest possible base of active customers. To obtain that, they not only have to work on building traffic to their platform. It’s also crucial to convert the leads they acquire into clients who deposit funds in their trading accounts. There are several ways to do that, though modern business always prefers operational efficiency that will allow Broker to use the Broker’s resources optimally.

It has long been known that a trading platform alone is not enough to be successful in the forex market. You also need a broker management system. Forex CRM solution is at the top of the list of must-have tools. There are many solutions on the market, with varying degrees of advancement and a wide price range. How to choose the right tool for your business, what to pay attention to and which features can bring the most benefits?

One solution for the entire Forex brokerage management

Forex CRM solutions must accommodate today’s Brokers’ needs. Perhaps the most important is managing the client and lead base. Lead generation and management, as well as client management and retention, are among the essential activities of any brokerage. That’s why a Forex CRM has to be a comprehensive software solution comprising many different tools.

It needs to be intuitive, allowing Brokers to see the current stage of any given lead and the possibility of managing it hassle-free. It is best to have separate views for leads and existing clients. That way, teams responsible for a given part of the management process will be able to find all the information needed in no time.

Another significant possibility is to manage teams responsible for lead generation and management, as well as client management and retention. Forex CRM solutions that collect information about the Broker’s activities allow for easy management of such information and, thus, the whole brokerage.

Our Forex CRM contains not only the contact information of leads and clients but also the history of interactions with them, actions they made, tasks to be done by the employees, and many more. It is easy to know when you should follow up on a specific message or what actions you should undertake concerning certain clients or groups.

FX CRM system allows Brokers to configure trading conditions to accommodate their clients’ needs. In our CRM, there are also certain bonuses like cashback and FTD (First Time Deposit) bonus, which will appeal to Traders and increase their engagement.

Optimised sales and onboarding

Perhaps the most critical part of any business is sales. That’s also true for a Brokerage. Forex CRM must therefore comprise a complex set of tools that allow Brokers to operate, optimise, and manage the entire sales process. In our Forex CRM, there is a Sales Dashboard with all the information concerning sales. A number of leads and deposited clients, Net deposit, and conversion rate are just a few of the crucial contents available there. 

What’s more, the mass mailing feature allows for creating different types of sales campaigns catered to chosen groups of clients. The system gives Brokers the possibility to track the flow of leads and turn more of them into active traders. Embedded VOIP support allows the Broker’s team to call clients straight from the CRM and make detailed notes that will inform their future actions (for example, the need to follow up on a specific date). They can also do that using templates for automatic e-mail sending. Once created, an e-mail may be sent out when a particular event occurs.

Such software also enables Brokers to divide certain responsibilities. It means assigning specific tasks, clients, and authority to carefully chosen employees.

Vast marketing capabilities

A good Forex CRM will improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. As little as having your website registration forms integrated with your CRM system can streamline the customer journey. New accounts will be automatically created in the CRM system triggering Broker’s team to start working with a new lead offering guidance or support in their first trading decisions. Customer service has a massive impact on user/trader experience and, for most clients, is a deal breaker.  That’s why connecting with your customers is so important. Using built-in banner ad space to promote special offers can boost engagement and significantly increase FTDs. Also, sending automated e-mails straight from your CRM reminding traders about the need to top up an account or informing them about certain industry events and their expected impact may be crucial to boosting retention. 

Advanced automation to reduce risks, costs, and time

Automation is the core of today’s technology. The right FX CRM system is typically also based on its principles. Forex CRM solution from Match-Trade allows Brokers to automate the analysis of clients’ activities, reporting, and generation of registration links for clients and sub-IBs, among many others.

Thanks to automation, the growing number of leads, clients, and employees can be easily managed. One example is enabling push notifications. Sending them to specific employees will make it so a particular action can follow up on every trader’s activity. That means every inquiry will get answered, and your customer’s satisfaction will increase.

Multi-level IB 

An excellent way to engage traders is to offer them an IB solution. Our Forex CRM has a multi-level IB up to 50 levels with a dedicated IB portal for all IBs and sub-Ibs. That allows Brokers to engage traders by giving them the opportunity to become an Introducing Broker and make a commission doing so. Increased traffic means more business, which is every company’s goal.

Variety of payment options and hassle-free money management

In Forex CRM developed by Match-Trade, a Match2Pay Payment Gateway is embedded in the application. That gives the Brokers the ability to offer Traders a safe and convenient payment option and an easy way of managing their balance. A built-in payment processor allows Brokers to handle all transactions in cryptocurrencies while offering clients trading in FIAT currencies. It’s faster, less expensive, and requires fewer formalities.

Boost your Business Intelligence activities

Forex CRM solutions should also contain Broker’s Analytics. Advanced tracking, ranking, analysing, and reporting features will allow Brokers to optimise their business. To do that, they need detailed information about the number of clients, number of active accounts and net deposit value, the number of IBs, profit per day and most profitable clients, among others. The data available in one place will allow Brokers to make better decisions, take informed actions, and adapt to industry trends and events.

Profitability, being one of the crucial aspects of a Broker’s business, can also be supported by the right Forex CRM. Our system offers Brokers different types of traders’ rankings. The ability to categorise traders in terms of profit, loss, volume and value allows Brokers to better manage their own exposure and thus better limit the risk of losses. 

Compliance processes made easy

A CRM designed for Forex Brokers should include features that make onboarding and compliance efforts easier. Some examples include simple KYC and AML. The Broker’s team should be able to monitor clients’ trading activities, manage transactions, track KYC protocols, and carry out compliance activities. Our Forex CRM is integrated with different providers of verification tools, such as SumSub or Google AI, that verify the authenticity of documents and more to make the compliance processes automated and reliable.

Forex CRM solution customised to your business needs

The best Forex CRM for your Brokerage is the one that is adjusted with your business in mind.

You must choose the system developed by an experienced team of FX professionals that can customise the system to suit your needs. Being the Forex CRM developer, Match-Trade is actively working on improving its solutions to match clients’ requirements and necessities. What’s worth mentioning, our Forex CRM is integrated with the most popular trading platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and our proprietary platform, Match-Trader. It also includes open APIs.

The entire Broker’s HUB

Acquiring the CRM from the right forex CRM provider means having your entire business in one place. All of the tools complement each other and work together seamlessly. Every tool a Broker needs is in the package: a trading platform, management tool, payment processor, Client Office, and a Bridge connecting the Broker to liquidity pools.
Forex CRM from Match-Trade comes packed with all the tools and integrations Brokers need to run their entire Forex business from one dashboard. If you want to learn more about our Broker Solutions HUB, contact us.

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