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Michael Karczewski, the COO of Match-Trade Technologies – a leading technology provider offering clients worldwide access to its own Broker Solutions HUB – shares the company’s plans for further development.

Hi Michael, Match-Trade Technologies is a company with an established position in the Forex technology industry. You ended last year with tremendous results, and you are still expanding your offer; what do you do to constantly stand out on the market?

The most crucial area of ​​our activity is IT solutions for the Forex and cryptocurrency market. We are constantly expanding Match-Trader, our proprietary trading platform for retail Brokers and supporting applications. However, at the end of last year, we established a strategic partnership with Match-Prime, a licensed liquidity provider. Match-Prime’s liquidity solution relies on our proprietary Match-Trader Pro institutional platform and ultra-fast matching engine also developed by MTT’s experts. Together, we have created an offer that provides our clients with access to the custom package of Liquidity combined with the White Label platform. Thanks to this, we could significantly expand our offer for institutional clients from the European Union.

What can we expect of you in the near future? How will the technology market for Forex Brokers change?

We know the Forex and crypto industry inside out. We have several years of experience, also gained working for one of the largest Brokers in Europe – X Trade Brokers. We know the needs and concerns of our customers, and we know what kind of support they need.

The Forex industry is developing dynamically, which defines the dynamics of MTT development. We have solid IT competencies, and our technologies are highly appreciated on the market, which can be seen in the growing number of providers who want to integrate with us.

But customers are starting to expect more. With the growing competition in the Forex technology market, the offered conditions will become more and more generic. That is why we’re shifting towards offering all-inclusive solutions.

How does the MTT offer stand out from other Broker solutions available on the market?

We are developing our own technological environment. Modern tools and high-end software will always distinguish us in the market. However, despite the constant development, the systems from 20 years ago still dominate the market. We can see how popular our solutions are. Still, we are also aware that combining them with outdated platforms without proper integration won’t allow our customers to fully exploit their potential. We want to offer our institutional clients a comprehensive range of IT products that seamlessly interact within our system. This way only, we will be able to provide them with a modern business background.

In what direction will your offer develop? What do customers miss the most today?

Our product offer is constantly changing and developing to adapt to changes on the market – however, even the best tools are not enough. Today, customers no longer look for service providers; they do not want to have the seller on the other side. What they need is a business partner. Our consultants have long gone beyond technical maintenance. We help clients at every stage of business development because their success also benefits us. 

On the one hand, we provide new brokers with formal support related to business registration and choice of jurisdiction. In addition to providing a complete trading solution, we also help them calibrate their business to start – we advise on setting spreads and markup, choosing the best business model. We also prepare a base for marketing activities and acquiring leads through a branded website. On the other hand, large, regulated brokers can count on an individual approach and custom offer. And I don’t only mean the terms of cooperation but also custom technical solutions. We have before added special features to our apps or integrated specific regional payment providers on Broker’s request. We also have a very good relationship with the network of our partners, so our clients can always count on our support in solving possible claims.

Aren’t you afraid that this approach is at odds with the prevailing trend of diversifying suppliers?

One does not exclude the other. Match-Trade Technologies is a Hub for solutions available to Brokers. Our system is based on MT4 / MT5 White labels and our proprietary Match-Trader platform. The platforms we offer are included in the liquidity distribution system, under which customers also have access to ultra-fast data feeds. We have also created the proprietary Client Office with CRM and Business Intelligence feature to provide advanced analytics. We allow brokers to offer traders a PAMM / MAM solution or a social trading app. Our payment processor, Match2Pay, has a very high acceptance rate, which is why it was recently added to Praxis Cashier. The most significant companies on the market – from payment solutions providers, bridge providers to various liquidity providers – are integrated into our Broker Solutions HUB.

Match-Trade, above all, provides its customers with comfort and peace. Our clients have one consultant and one place where they report any problems. They maintain access to various solutions, but they don’t have to pay multiple fees to different providers. Finally, we guarantee reliable and seamless cooperation of all applications and high efficiency of the entire unified system.

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