• Cooperation with FPFX Tech for seamless prop trading solution


FPFX Technologies, LLC, a leading company in prop trading technology, has combined their advanced CRM system with the Match-Trader platform. This collaboration aims to create a powerful solution tailored to the evolving needs of proprietary trading firms.

In the competitive world of prop trading, it’s crucial for participants to offer innovative tools for the best trading experience. Automation, instant access to live data, and analytical advantages have become industry standards, essential for prop trading companies.

FPFX and Match-Trader form cooperation

The partnership between Match-Trader and FPFX Tech brings together their technological strengths to offer a seamless and efficient experience for prop firms and traders. The goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of tools that integrate Match-Trader’s advanced trading platform technology with FPFX’s Prop Trading Tech Kit.

“Our mission is creating comprehensive, seamless solutions for players of financial markets in order to constantly expand our ecosystem, catering to various needs appearing in the industry,” says Michał Karczewski, CEO at Match-Trade Technologies. “We have decided to follow the increasing trend of prop trading and actively meet the demand that has emerged among our customers. Prop trading businesses are searching for dedicated tools that do not require additional integrations or investments. Addressing this demand, we feel privileged to integrate with such a long-term and recognised leader amongst the prop trading technology providers as FPFX Tech, so our platform can cover the prop trading market’s needs with the finest companionship and quality” he adds.

Functionalities for prop trading experience

The collaboration streamlines processes, reducing operational costs and enhancing customer experience through customized client portals. The integrated tool allows prop trading firms to scale with ease, supporting increased trading activity without performance issues.

One significant advantage is real-time data streaming from Match-Trader to FPFX Tech Prop Trading licensee dashboards, providing live statistics and an analytical edge. The collaboration also enables the creation of automatic Match-Trader demos and live trading accounts directly from the client area.

Justin D. Hertzberg, Esq., CEO at FPFX Tech, expresses: “Our goal is delivering SaaS solutions that enable trading firms and brokerages to scale their businesses by reaching and engaging with more traders through built-to-specification automation. We are thrilled to collaborate with such a well-recognised trading technology provider in Match-Trade Technologies. Our joined forces and expertise have led us to prepare an integration that aligns with our mission, which is to deliver technology solutions that give prop firms access to the trading platforms traders want.

Alexis Droussiotis adds: “I took over the role of Head of the Match-Trader platform quite recently, so I am even more pleased that with the team, we have already managed to implement such a significant solution, which is one of the milestones in the platform development. Integration with the FPFX system allows us to expand the scope of the platform and offer a comprehensive solution dedicated to prop trading firms. Hence, I hope that we will also gain access to new markets. We ensure the Match-Trader platform sets the highest standards for investing in the Forex market. That’s why we’re seeking to cooperate with renowned technology providers. FPFX Tech is for sure among the leaders of CRM systems for companies offering proprietary trading services, and I’m glad they also recognised potential in our trading system”.

In summary, the alliance with FPFX Technologies for seamless prop trading experience aims to offer a comprehensive and integrated solution for the evolving needs of proprietary trading firms, combining advanced CRM systems and trading platform technology.

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