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The Match-Trader Platform, created and developed by the top provider of forex technology – Match-Trade Technologies – has the ability to compete with popular White Label platforms. It is also an excellent option for brokers searching for a fully hosted server solution.

Match-Trade Technologies has received recognition for its cutting-edge in-house technology. The trading platform was created utilising Progressive Web App technology. As a result, Match-Trader is an omnichannel application that adjusts to screen resolution.

Since all the settings are synchronised in real-time to ensure the greatest trading experience, traders may quickly switch between devices. Match-Trader is unique in the forex platforms market as it is a single trading app with web, mobile, and desktop versions.

The industry’s leading awards organisations have awarded the platform:

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Hassle-free trading experience

All the settings synchronise in real-time across web, desktop and mobile, making the platform’s interface and features run smoothly. Moreover, to increase the conversion from leads to traders, the user path has been streamlined as much as possible. 

Traders can download the app from a Broker’s website and launch it from an icon on the home screen. Furthermore, the app is lightweight and doesn’t take up storage space, no matter the device traders use (even the old-generation ones). 

Assisting forex brokers in developing their brand and attracting more traders

Match-Trader provides Brokers with vast branding opportunities that allow them to stand out from the competition by building a solid brand. The app has a name and logo chosen by a Broker. Moreover, some elements can be customised by changing their colours to match the branding better. 

Match-Trader can be placed in the app stores. That is possible thanks to the cutting-edge technology, making the platform act like a native app. That can positively impact Brokers’ credibility, as users trust app stores and are more likely to download apps from them.

A complete solution for a wide variety of traders

Another advantage of Match-Trader is its intuitive interface. The platform was created with both novice and experienced traders in mind. It has a variety of functionalities that allow users to start their trading experience easily. The top movers, current market events, and automatic trading are some of the features that traders appreciate.

The technology presents the instruments with the highest difference in price during any given day (Top Movers). It also compiles the most significant events along with an estimate of their impact (News Feed and Economic Calendar).

Match-Trader is equipped with analytical tools and advanced charts. The vast number of different indicators assists traders in the decision-making by helping them analyse the current market situation.

Improved client retention thanks to increased engagement

As the importance of trading automation grows, Match-Trade Technologies decided to embed a full-blown social trading solution into the platform. Copy Trading and Social Feed can be found in the main view, making it very easy to access multiple signal providers. Users can either copy trades and automate their trading or follow chosen money managers by analysing their performance statistics. They can follow more experienced traders or trade on their own. As the social trading solution is built into the platform, there is no need to exit the app or integrate any external ones. 

High performance and safety

Firstly, the developer has established all the crucial safeguards to protect clients from potential abuse. Some of them include reCAPTCHA and 2FA. The first one stops spam, and the latter ensures that only authorised users can log into the platform. Furthermore, each crypto withdrawal requires double confirmation. The database and platform are hosted in London’s renowned AWS data centre.

Match-Trader platform view on mobile

To ensure the smooth running of the application, additional protection against DDOS attacks is in place. The continued development aims to improve the platform’s speed and seamless operation. The latest improvements made it run even more smoothly thanks to reducing the key TTI parameter to just over 2 seconds (the key TTI parameter, i.e. the time after the app becomes fully interactive). According to Google Lighthouse, the introduced improvements place the platform in the top 10% performance score.

A single platform that serves as the foundation for the entire brokerag

Match-Trade Technologies, the creator of the hub of solutions for forex brokers, is known for its innovative in-house technology environment that makes the provider’s apps all work seamlessly. The Match-Trader trading platform is the sole solution allowing brokers to start their forex business – without the need to add any additional apps. It has all the necessary tools, including the Client Office with Forex CRM, which allows hassle-free management of the entire client base. Moreover, payment technology is embedded into the platform, allowing for convenient deposits. Said crypto payment gateway makes it possible to book the deposits on clients’ trading accounts automatically. It takes only a few minutes, and the Broker’s confirmation is not required. The platform offers a variety of payment options, including Bank transfer, Bitcoin, e-wallet (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller), over 300 PSPs via Praxis Cashier, credit card to Crypto, and Wire to Crypto gateways.

White Label platform or Hosted Server solution?

The Match-Trader is available for brokers of all sizes. Wanting to meet different clients’ expectations, Match-Trade Technologies offers the platform both as a White Label and a Broker’s own server. The first one provides a genuinely hands-off approach as the entire setup is taken care of by the provider. For those wanting to access complete control over the brokerage, however, it is recommended to choose the full server licence.


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