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Crypto’s Hidden Undercurrent: The Role of Leverage in Cryptocurrency Markets

In some ways, the crypto market crash in May of 2021 was the end of an era.  The 6-month period between December and April was a time of crypto euphoria. Cryptocurrency prices were driven to unprecedented heights; the media spotlight shone brighter on crypto than ever before–even Elon Musk got in on the game. However, […]

What’s Happening in Crypto Markets in 2021? Examining Opportunities & Challenges

More than three years after the cryptocurrency boom and bust of 2017, crypto is still alive and kicking. Crypto is also just as polarizing as ever: while more people are excitedly jumping onto the crypto train than ever before, the voices speaking out against the cryptocurrency industry are imbued with escalating fervour.  Indeed, the growth […]

Hot or cold wallet – the best way of storing cryptocurrencies

There are different crypto wallet solutions. When speaking about Bitcoin’s wallet, the key point to consider is its access to the Internet. This feature divides wallets into two categories: hot and cold wallets. It’s like keeping some funds at the bank teller desk so customers can access them any time they want. The rest of […]

What Bitcoin revolution taught us about cryptocurrencies?

Created nearly 10 years ago by a person or a group of people hiding their identity under Satoshi Nakamoto alias, the Bitcoin network has gone a long and bumpy road. What was at the beginning, the mysterious ‘cryptocurrency’ used by very few users, for unknown purposes, has become the most recognizable and widely accepted technology […]

Match-Trade exhibits in iFX EXPO in Hong Kong

We are happy to announce that Match-Trade Technologies will be exhibiting at financial B2B iFX EXPO Asia in Hong Kong between 23rd and 25th January 2018. We will be demonstrating our brand new Crypto Exchange Platform – CoinMatch, which has already gained tremendous interest among companies looking to enter a Crypto Exchange business. Additionally, all […]

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