• Match-Trade expands its European branch and launches a new website


The growing number of clients seeking optimal solutions for Forex brokerage business requires continuous expansion of the turnkey Forex white label platforms and cryptocurrency solutions for brokers. Match-Trade’s long-term development strategy includes a plan to launch a new product for Forex brokers expanding company’s offer with a new segment of services based on in-house technology.

The constant development of the company forced a move to a larger office. The new European headquarters is located on the 5th floor at Królewska street in the strict business center of Warsaw and has been specially designed for the needs of dynamically growing IT department, client support and the business advisory team. At the same time, the company refreshed its online image by launching a brand new website. Apart from the new graphic design, the site has also gained a new structure. It has been extended with solutions for existing Forex brokers that will allow them to develop and optimize their business and a special offer for clients who want to start their own brokerage business.

“We are a global company, we work with clients around the world, and we have offices in Asia and the United States of America. Right now we are establishing a local representation for the MENA zone countries. Warsaw is a perfect location in the center of Europe and Poland with rapidly growing FinTech industry is attracting high-class IT experts” said Michael Karczewski, Head of Business Operations at Match-Trade Technologies.

At the beginning of May, a new member joined the team – Piotr Łągiewski took the position of Head of Product Development. Piotr gained his experience working for one of the largest brokerage companies in Europe, X-Trade Brokers. He was involved in the creation and development of a variety of products for the FX industry, including xStation – a web-based trading platform, Client Office and CRM. At Match-Trade he will be responsible for setting product development directions and launching a completely new solution that will be offered by Match-Trade Technologies later this year.

In addition to building new solutions, Match-Trade plans to further develop a network of partners and local representatives to provide the best support for its clients in different regions of the world.

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