• Match-Trade September Release: 2FA in our Client Office & Forex CRM


Our latest release brought changes to our trading platform Match-Trader, the Forex CRM and Client Office for Traders, and our processing technology Match2Pay. During the third quarter, we were focused on improving our products to better match the needs of our ever-growing client base. Some of the changes include streamlining the onboarding process and increasing the level of security.

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Increased level of security with 2FA in Client Office CRM

In September releases, we added support for 2FA based on the Google Authenticator solution to our Client Office. By default, this feature is disabled. 

There is a new “Security” tab, which replaces the previous “Change user password”. From there, Brokers can go to the password change view or configure 2FA. Each user will be able to select actions that require entering a one-time code (OTP). These actions include:

  • Logging in;
  • Editing a profile;
  • Payouts;
  • Password change;
  • Disabling 2FA.

Benefits for Brokers

Support of 2FA means a greater level of data and user security. The user is immune to phishing attacks and is even better equipped to monitor everything that is happening on his account. It is virtually impossible to steal the data, accounts or funds as it requires the thief to have access to an unlocked phone of the account owner. For the Broker, this means less complicated theft cases and even better-verified withdrawal requests, as only the account owner can go through the entire withdrawal process with 2FA enabled.

Streamlined onboarding process in the Client Office & Forex CRM

We integrated our Client Office & Forex CRM with a global verification platform SumSub. As a result, Brokers using our CRM can run KYC processes automatically.

SumSub is a platform that allows for user verification, thus enabling clients’ onboarding easily. The verification process covers, among others: documents (e.g. ID card), home address, telephone number, and email. Moreover, the platform verifies if the entered data appears on sanctioned lists or other places that indicate suspected irregularities (including fraud detection).

In our CRM, there is an option to enable SumSub (Broker Profile tab) – “Use SumSub for KYC verification”. Verification requests with information about the current status appear in the KYC (Actions) tab. If enabled in CRM, the customisable widget appears in the Client Office for Traders allowing them to verify their identity quickly.

Benefits for Brokers

Thanks to the integration, Brokers can automatically verify Traders, which makes the onboarding process hassle-free and sets the tone for the entire cooperation.

A significant advantage of having the verification platform integrated into the Client Office for Traders is that they can easily verify their identity without going through a cumbersome verification procedure. The platform gives instructions on how to perform the verification and if the input data can be verified. If not, Traders receive specific information about what they should submit. 

The easy and straightforward KYC process significantly reduces the number of drop-offs. Offering traders reliable and user-friendly solutions makes them more likely to come back and work with you in the future.

Previous & Next Lead buttons added in Leads view

The new buttons allow Brokers or their team members to switch between leads while managing the lead base. If they select some filters in advance (e.g. only leads with a specific status), they will be able to see only the filtered data with information on the sum of leads. Thanks to that, the user knows exactly how many leads have already been viewed and how many are still left.

Benefits for Brokers

Using the new functionality makes the lead management processes easier. Brokers or their teams can quickly review new leads, always knowing exactly what amount is still left to go through.

Upfront per trade commission in Match-Trader Manager App

In the group settings, there is the “Commission upfront” option, thanks to which the commission is charged only when opening a trade (when closing it, the commission is not charged), and it is the total commission of a given trade.

Benefits for Brokers

Thanks to this change, Brokers can adjust how they want to earn to fit their business model better. That gives them greater flexibility in creating offers and leaves fewer records to analyse. Increased transparency and an easy process of adding up profits from multiple trades are just some of the main benefits.

Integration of a new VOIP provider into our Forex CRM

We are expanding our offer with another VOIP service provider, Voiso. The VOIP system is integrated with our Forex CRM allowing Brokers to call clients straight from the CRM with one click.

Voiso offers an all-in-one solution for communicating with clients effectively and easily. Moreover, it allows Brokers to track and analyse the lead path.

Voiso is yet another VOIP system available to Brokers in our Forex CRM. Last year, we integrated Squaretalk.

Added support for multiple transactions on one hash for ERC20 in Match2Pay

In the Match2Pay crypto payment gateway, we have added support for a hash that has many transactions on the ERC20 (Ethereum) network.

Benefits for Brokers

Introducing this change means broader Ethereum network support. Brokers can take advantage of automatic booking of the deposits done under one hash, which lately has become widely used by some popular exchanges.

Configuration of access management via API in our CRM

There is a new tab, “API Access”, in our Forex CRM, available in the pull-down user menu. In this tab, Brokers can see (and revoke, if necessary) all generated API tokens. API access for a given account can be set through role configuration – a new resource for API access has appeared in Roles Management.

Through CRM API, the Broker can perform most of the activities possible from the browser level, e.g. register a new user, make a deposit or take out details of a specific account.

Benefits for Brokers

API Access allows Brokers to revoke any API access they choose. The change also brings easier integration of affiliate platforms.

New filtering features in the CRM

In the tabs: Clients, Leads, Deposits and Withdrawals, the ability to filter using multiple phrases has been added. To do that, users need to use a comma in a given search field to separate subsequent phrases.

Benefits for Brokers

The new feature allows users to better analyse the information available in the said tabs. Having access to the filtered data, Brokers can make better decisions and take informed actions.

The filtering extension also allows Brokers to receive the requested information faster, which in turn allows them to save time and conduct more accurate business analytics. Until now, there were situations when users had to create, for example, two lists and export them separately. Now it is enough to apply a few filters and download one list hassle-free.

Changes in the offer configuration in our Forex CRM

A new option, “Create trading accounts within a particular range”, has been added to the offer configuration. Selecting it, Brokers can enter the range of their choosing. New trading accounts will be created within the specified scope.

Benefits for Brokers

The change gives Brokers an option to create trading accounts within a particular range, making them different from other White Label Brokers on the server.

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