• Match-Trade opens a new office in the capital of Forex – Limassol, Cyprus


Due to the strategic partnership with Match-Prime, a CySEC regulated liquidity provider and the growing number of brokers interested in modern technology, Match-Trade Technologies decided to open a new office in Limassol, Cyprus. The new branch will be managed by Svetlana Kulikova, a skilled Forex expert.

Svetlana Kulikova has been involved in sales from the beginning of her professional career. She has been successful in the forex industry for nearly a decade. Additionally, in her previous position, she was acquiring clients for such giants as MetaQuotes.  Match-Trade Technologies has been recently named the Best Technology Provider in the industry by Global Forex Awards. It was a natural choice for such an experienced business consultant.

Cyprus – the capital of Forex

Svetlana Kulikova photo
Svetlana Kulikova

The company’s new branch is located at Office No. 303, 3rd floor of the PALEMA BUSINESS CENTER, 15 Nafpliou Street, 3025, Limassol, Cyprus. The opening of a new office in Cyprus results from the growing number of clients in the region. It is crucial to provide better customer service, especially in supporting broker registration and brokerage procedures. As a result, it will allow the company to provide services as a forex Technology Provider effectively.

According to Svetlana Kulikova, the Head of Match-Trade Cyprus, “Cyprus is rightfully the world capital of Forex. Match-Trade has all the prerequisites for successful work in this region. I am sure that clients will appreciate the privilege of working not with a virtual, but with a real office.”

Forex technology provider operating worldwide

Match-Trade Technologies has long been present in the Asian region and is now increasing its presence in the southwestern part. Limassol is one of the largest cities in Cyprus. What’s more, it is rightfully its business centre. Especially due to a developed field of outsourcing services, the legal sphere, and the areas of planning, and finance.

“Match-Trade Technologies always thoroughly examines the needs of its clients. As a result, our cooperation long-term, effective, and fruitful. The opening of a new branch in Cyprus is a natural step in expanding our international network. It allows our partners to receive high-quality services in this region. Our main job is to quickly respond to all incoming requests from Brokers and institutional clients. Since, in my opinion, the best way to achieve this is through a physical presence in the region, the office in Cyprus will certainly not be the last one we open”, said Michael Karczewski, the COO of Match-Trade Technologies.

In the Forex market development conditions, Match-Trade Technologies, following the adopted development concept, continues to create its network of international branches and customer service centres. The closeness of clients and the chance of constant contact with them are crucial. It is an indispensable condition for a successful partnership between a Forex technology provider and its clients.

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