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Broker analytics

In the November release, we have added a new Business Intelligence feature in the Client Office, allowing Broker to comprehensively analyse his Cash Flow including commission paid to Introducing Brokers, Trader’s and IB’s activity and control Leads area.

In the Broker Analytics section available for every Broker using Match-Trader, MT4 or MT5 platform we have placed statistics such as volume traded, profit and deposit amounts of the clients. Six trader’s rankings connected to their trading and deposit activity.

What is more, data can be analysed comparing business trends in chosen date range versus summary of all broker’s historical data.

Role management

Elastic way of creating roles has been added to the Admin back office. You can create a new role to assign it to the specific user. Each tab of the back office can be set up separately including edit, add and modify right, so the specific user has access only to the chosen part of Back office. That is a perfect feature to use for the Support, Compliance, Accounting or Sales Department.

Instant messaging – real-time broker support

We have noticed that traders are more likely to contact brokers using online chats rather than advanced support systems with long responding time. That’s why we are supporting four online chats – Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat with the possibility to add next ones. Right now, all of our clients can add contact information to above-mentioned communicators, so the traders can message them instantly using a direct message or group chat.

Better deposit conversion for online wallets

PayPal, Skrill or Neteller are popular ways of depositing money in the FX industry. That’s why these methods have been already included at the very beginning of the development of our trading platform. However, right now conversion using online payments methods will certainly increase by adding direct redirection to the above mentioned wallets.

Open and close position moment on the chart

To clearly show the moment of entering the position both for current and historical trades, we have added graphic visualisation on the chart. Arrow indicating opening time of the position is shown by default for all trades at the current symbol

A trader can see progress of his closed trade by simply clicking specific trade in the Closed Positions tab. He will notice a moment of opening and closing the trade.

Google Pay and Samsung Pay support

We are pleased to inform you that one of the exchangers used to deposit on our trading platform using credit card and wire transfer started supporting Google and Samsung Pay. The payment made by the client will be even more convenient.

Random Delay option on Match-Trade Bridge

In order to provide the best flexibility to our brokers we have added an option to apply random delay for specific instruments, groups or single clients. This functionality will secure brokers from scalping and toxic clients, which can impair significantly the overall profitability. It works both on a-book and b-book groups.

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