• Match-Trade November Release: Notification function for the Account Manager


Different currencies support in the Social Trading App

In November releases, we’ve added support for different currencies for users of our new Social Trading app in the Client Office. From now on, a trader, following a money manager,  may have a trading account in a currency other than the money manager. 

Notification function for an Account Manager 

In our November release, we’ve added a new notification function for the Account Manager about an upcoming task or call to our Back Office Apps. Tasks are divided into two types: “task” and “call”. You can set up the reminder status to “To do”, “In Progress” or “Done”. The reminder is visible on the lead timeline and can be created from the sales dashboard or from the timeline. 

SkyCrypto Integration 

The new payment method for the CIS region was added to our Client Office and Match-Trader platform. SkyCrypto is a convenient P2P exchanger with a wallet function  Due to the new integration with SkyCrypto, CO and Match-Trader’ users can exchange bitcoins for rubles through Sberbank and safely store cryptocurrency.

Push notification in Match-Trader calendar 

We continue to implement new features to our Match-Trader platform to meet the needs of a rapidly changing Forex market and our customers’ requests. We’ve added a push notifications function to the calendar of economic events to prevent users from missing important issues. Traders have an option to enable or disable this type of notifications. Notifications are sent 15 minutes before and only for the events with the highest impact. 

Copy Trading Widget in Match-Trader 

For traders who prefer social trading, we’ve enabled access to the Copy Trading through the Widget above the Market Watch in our Match-Trader platform. There is now a Copy Trading Tab next to the Event Calendar tab, available for mobile and web, where traders can view the ROI of specific Money Managers directly in our platform. After clicking on a specific master, user will be redirected to the Social Trading statistics tab.

Tracking Function in Back Office

We’ve added a user tracking function to our Back Office applications, and now Brokers can check if a user or a potential client is online or when he was last online. It’ll help brokers understand better when communication with a potential client can become more efficient.

Blockchain BEP-20 support for Moonpay

In November releases, we’ve added a Blockchain BEP-20 support for the Moonpay exchanger in the Match-Trader platform and Client Office app. It allows users to pay with BUSD and guarantees a low fee. Payment to the trading account can be done with a credit card or bank transfer.  Brokers don’t need to sign an agreement, the total cost of the deposit is around 7%. & Cex Direct in Match2pay

We’ve added more options for buying cryptocurrency with a credit card to our Match2Pay crypto payment gateway., one of the top crypto exchanges and fully licensed European crypto wallet, which allows exchanging cryptocurrency in a few clicks, has been added. We’ve also added CEX Direct, a global instant payment gateway for crypto purchases in our Match2Pay crypto payment gateway 

Internal transfer extension 

In our Client Office and Match-Trader platform, it became possible to transfer funds between accounts in different currencies and different systems. The international transfer works only between the trading accounts of a given user.

New CRM payments notifications

New event notifications from the sales dashboard (successful deposit, failed deposit, withdrawal for confirmation, the assignment of a new lead) have been added to our Back Office applications and CRM system. All CRM users with permissions can receive notifications and it’s possible to enable/disable notifications for a specific type of event (e.g. new deposit)

Account Manager Performance Report

In order for Brokers to better track the productivity of their sales managers, we’ve added the Account Managers Performance Report in our Back Office Apps. The report is available in the new Reports tab in the Account Managers subtab. It includes the following information: number of leads (Leads), number of leads converted to active clients (Converted), number of leads converted to active clients to the number of leads in full – percentages (Conversion rate), Net deposits amount and the withdrawn amount. 

Payment visualization in Match2Pay 

To enable Brokers to better monitor and analyze their clients’ deposits and withdrawals, we’ve added visualization of payments and withdrawals in Match2pay for crypto transactions. Our crypto payment gateway provides various detailed graphs that can be divided by months and individual cryptocurrencies. 

Stripe Integration Extension

In order to simplify the process of identifying transactions of your clients, unique Stripe Order ID,  last four card digits, email and physical address of users that make deposits through Stripe are now visible in our Back Office application.

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