• Match-Trade November release: Introducing the mobile version of our Forex CRM


This November, we’re proud to announce a significant enhancement in our offerings with the introduction of the mobile version of our Forex CRM. This pivotal development is at the forefront of our recent update, highlighting our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. It provides Brokers with flexible, on-the-go access to crucial CRM functionalities, significantly empowering them in their business operations. Alongside this advancement, our latest update also includes enhancements to Match-Trader, our trading platform, the Client Office for traders, and our Match2Pay processing technology.

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Match-Trader platform was voted the  Best Investment / Trading App Provider during the Finance Magnates London Summit Awards 2023

Introducing the mobile version of our Forex CRM

Our Forex CRM is taking a significant leap forward with the introduction of a mobile version. This new development focuses on the ease of managing financial transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals, directly from your phone. Immediate access to financial operations means Brokers can promptly respond to client needs, approve transactions, and manage risks effectively, without being tied to an office or desktop computer. This aspect is especially crucial for small teams who need to be agile and responsive.

With the mobile version, Brokers have four key tabs at their fingertips: Clients, Leads, Deposits, and Withdrawals. Users can easily set time ranges, filter statuses, and sort information to streamline their workflow. Additionally, our CRM offers comprehensive analytical and management features. This encompasses editing user data, reviewing trading accounts, monitoring action history, and managing funds, notes, and email communications. The mobile CRM not only enhances efficiency but also ensures Brokers can maintain a high level of service and responsiveness, which is crucial to successful client relations and business operations.

Benefits for Brokers:

The mobile version of our Forex CRM is a step forward in delivering cutting-edge technology to our clients – it’s fast, intuitive, and user-friendly. Keeping mobility as a priority, we equip Brokers with a versatile tool that ensures consistent access to their business operations, enabling them to maintain control regardless of their location. Furthermore, the mobile CRM’s utility extends to Broker employees, especially during direct interactions with clients. It facilitates immediate updates to data or checks on transaction statuses, enabling a more responsive and effective client service. With this mobile version, Brokers are equipped to handle the demands of the Forex market, ensuring they are always in control of their business operations.

Connection quality indicator displayed on the Match-Trader platform

In November, we focused on enhancing the User Experience of our Match-Trader trading platform. Next to the platform time, we’ve added a connection quality indicator (ping). The indicator changes colours to reflect the connection speed: red for slow, orange for potential delays, and green for fast. In the browser version, hovering over the indicator reveals detailed information (exact time in milliseconds). Additionally, this version includes a “Check” button in an information popup to test connection speed.

Benefits for Brokers:

The integration of this new indicator significantly enhances the overall experience for platform users by providing an immediate assessment of internet connection quality. For Brokers, this indicator reduces the number of inquiries to customer support, improves operational efficiency, and strengthens their market position. Users appreciate the intuitive, colour-coded interface of the indicator, allowing for easy monitoring of connection status.

Changing the activation price of Pending Orders within the Match-Trader

This November, we introduced a significant update to our Match-Trader trading platform, allowing the modification of the activation price for existing pending orders. Traders can now edit the activation prices of these orders, marking a substantial advancement in terms of flexibility and risk management.

Benefits for Brokers:

This new feature reduces investment risk by allowing users to swiftly adjust to market changes by editing their pending orders’ activation prices. Consequently, the trading process on the platform becomes more efficient: investors no longer need to cancel existing orders and place new ones. Instead, they can simply modify the activation price of an existing order, which is quicker and more convenient. This enhancement not only increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, as clients value the ability to flexibly manage their orders. This, in turn, leads to increased trading activity and potentially higher revenues for Brokers.

Top Movers Chart on the Match-Trader platform

Match-Trader platform expands its functionality with a new, compact Top Movers chart. This intuitive chart, available in both a collapsed and expanded view, displays the dynamic price changes of selected financial instruments. This innovative tool saves time by quickly delivering key market data and facilitates the comparison and selection of the most profitable investment options at any given moment.

Benefits for Brokers:

The new feature significantly enhances the efficiency of both experienced and novice investors in responding to changing market conditions, thereby increasing their chances of trading success. Investors who actively trade multiple instruments will particularly feel an improvement, as it allows them to quickly identify the most optimal investment opportunities at any time. 

Adding the Open Positions Export feature into the Match-Trader platform

This November, we continued our efforts to enhance the analytical capabilities of our solutions for Forex Brokers. The Match-Trader platform now includes a new feature: a button that allows the export of open position data in CSV and HTML formats. Similar to the existing export options in other system tabs, this functionality provides investors with significant benefits in data management and analysis.

Benefits for Brokers:

This new feature greatly streamlines the process of collecting and analyzing trading data. Access to up-to-date information about open positions enables traders to manage risk more effectively and rapidly adapt their strategies in response to the ever-changing market conditions. Additionally, the ability to customize reports according to individual preferences facilitates the creation of precise and readable analyses. Moreover, this feature opens up opportunities to share insights on open positions with other investors.

Enhanced Social Trading subscription management in the Client Office

Users of our Social Trading solution now enjoy greater control over their positions. We have extended the functionality of editing the amount allocated to an ongoing subscription and unfollowing without closing positions to the Client Office interface. Previously, these actions were only possible through the Match-Trader platform. When users opt to end their Social Trading subscription in the Client Office, they can select either “Unfollow Only,” maintaining all open positions, or “Unfollow & Close Positions,” which automatically closes all positions upon subscription termination.

Benefits for Brokers: 

By enabling these functionalities in the Client Office, Brokers can offer their users an enhanced experience in managing their Social Trading subscriptions. The ease and convenience of this feature directly contribute to a more positive perception of the platform’s usability. By facilitating a user-friendly and adaptable trading environment, Brokers not only increase client satisfaction but also potentially attract a broader client base seeking sophisticated yet accessible trading tools.

Enhanced security features in our Forex CRM 

We’ve upgraded our Forex CRM with a vital enhancement to the account Timeline view. This new feature tracks the login history to both the Match-Trader platform and the Client Office app, recording the user’s IP address with each login. 

Benefits for Brokers: 

For Brokers, this enhancement means significantly boosted security and a more efficient way to spot unauthorized access. Centralizing data in this manner simplifies client management and offers a detailed view of their activities. Notably, the inclusion of IP address logging upon login aids in adhering to personal data protection regulations and local compliance requirements, ensuring a complete account access history. All these factors make this new feature particularly useful for Brokers seeking effective tools to manage security and regulatory compliance in the fast-paced Forex market.

The new version of the Match-Trader Manager app

This November, we introduce the updated Match-Trader Manager app, which is equipped with innovative features that significantly ease brokerage business management. Upon logging into the app, all data is now instantly updated, ensuring access to the most current information. The primary update includes the real-time updates of profits and margin levels in line with current quotations, as well as automatic refresh of transaction data following any action, such as opening, closing, or editing transactions.

Benefits for Brokers:

Brokers using the Match-Trader Manager app gain a substantial edge with the ability to monitor their clients’ profits and margin levels in real-time. This instant updating allows for rapid responses to market changes and more effective risk management. Additionally, Brokers receive automatic notifications of all client activities, including opening or closing positions. This feature enhances their understanding of clients’ needs and behaviours, allowing for more tailored and effective brokerage services.

The Routing Rules Tab in the Match-Trader Administrator

In Match-Trader Administrator, we introduced a significant update – the Routing Rules tab, which is exclusively available for the Broker Manager role. This tab enables Brokers to independently edit routing rules for their hedging accounts. Now, Brokers have the option to select symbols for hedging and to set routing schedules, allowing for precise planning of the hours and days for hedging client transactions.

Benefits for Brokers:

With access to the new Routing Rules tab, Brokers gain complete independence in managing their routing rules. This means they can now directly and quickly make changes to settings without contacting the support team. This autonomy not only speeds up the risk management process but also provides Brokers with greater precision and the ability to adapt hedging strategies to dynamically changing market conditions. Introducing this feature marks a step towards greater autonomy for Brokers and eases their day-to-day management challenges.

Long Only Mode functionality in the Match-Trader Administrator

As part of the enhancements to our Match-Trader Administrator, we have added a new parameter – Long Only Mode. When this feature is active, investors are limited to opening and closing only Buy orders. The option to place Sell orders is unavailable.

Benefits for Brokers:

The introduction of the Long Only Mode presents new opportunities for Brokers. Clients using this feature can simulate the workings of the spot market, where short-selling without prior possession of the asset is impossible. This setting allows Brokers to offer their clients a unique trading experience that mirrors the characteristics of the traditional spot market. It is particularly appealing to investors interested in long-term investment strategies. Implementing Long Only Mode enables Brokers to better tailor their offerings to their clients’ diverse needs and trading strategies.

Market Prices in the Trading Tab of the Match-Trader Manager App

This November, we also upgraded the Match-Trader Manager app’s Trading tab to display real-time market quotes for selected financial instruments. Brokers now have immediate access to the current bid and ask prices of each instrument directly within the app, streamlining the order creation process. This integration removes the need to exit the app to check current prices.

Benefits for Brokers:

Brokers can now set precise activation prices for limit, stop, and other order types by accessing up-to-date prices of selected instruments. This direct access to pricing information significantly boosts the efficiency and accuracy of placing orders through the Match-Trader Manager app. By eliminating possible price discrepancies, this feature empowers Brokers to make swift and accurate trading decisions, adapting seamlessly to market changes.

Simplified Login process in the Match-Trader Administrator

We have revamped the login process in our Match-Trader Administrator with an updated login interface. Now, Brokers can assign individual names to their saved login credentials.

Benefits for Brokers:

The new feature of customizing login credential names significantly simplifies and speeds up the login process for users managing multiple accounts. With this update, Brokers can now assign unique names to each set of login credentials, allowing for quick and seamless access to different accounts. This enhancement streamlines the login experience, making account management more efficient and user-friendly for Brokers handling numerous accounts.

Stripe – Latest API Version Integration

In October, we updated our integration with Stripe to align with its latest API version (2022-11-15). This upgrade enables Brokers to access the most current tools and features, which are not available in previous API versions. This update is especially advantageous for new clients, given that Stripe only allows them to use the latest API versions, without the option to access older ones.

Benefits for Brokers:

The key advantage is the acceleration of the transaction processing speed, resulting in faster and more efficient trading operations for your clients. Moreover, this latest integration ensures unprecedented levels of security, assuring that transactions are protected with the most advanced solutions in the industry. Upgrading to the newest version of Stripe’s API marks a significant step towards providing your clients with the best, most secure, and efficient payment solutions available in the market.

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