Updated 2016-09-06

Match-Trade Technologies LLC, a Forex brokerage technology company headquartered in Irvine, California, is pleased to announce the launch of MT4 WL Manager application. This application is a broker specific business solution, which allows all White Label (WL) forex brokers to configure the most important business parameters of MT4 Servers in real-time.

Match-Trade MT4 WL Manager caters to the needs of all MT4 WL brokers, who would like to have a more flexible control over their existing setup by having the ability to change essential business conditions such as spreads, markups, and commissions instantly without the need to contact Match-Trade administrative support.

MT4 WL Manager expands on standard capabilities of MT4 Manager which was previously reserved only for Administrators of the system. MT4 WL Manager is a desktop application which provides the highest level of security and streamlines real-time decision making for WL Forex Brokers using our MT4 WL. This application is one of the many benefits we provide to our MT4 WL licensees.

MT4 WL Manager application is complementary to Match-Trade’s White Label offering, which comprises: MT4 Platform, MAM, MT4 Bridge/Aggregator, MT4 RMS and Match-Trade System based on our proprietary Matching Engine.

The most important features of Match-Trade MT4 WL Manager are:

  • Changing markups on MT4 groups
  • Changing commissions and agent commission on MT4 groups
  • Setting minimum, maximum, and step volume size for each instrument.
  • Application provides a user-friendly interface with auto updates
  • Clients log in to application using their MT4 managers
  • Displaying of final spreads on each instrument

The solution will be available for all Match-Trade clients completely free of charge. the application is designed also for external customers and servers.

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