• Digital Marketing for startup Brokers. The best ways to get first clients.


If you are thinking about becoming a Forex Broker in an unregulated jurisdiction, i.e. Having an offshore license, you will face the inevitable question: how should I get my first clients? How to advertise a Forex Broker under such strict legislation/ jurisdiction? The fact is that in connection with the numerous deceptions and frauds in the forex market, not so long ago, digital marketing restrictions for offshore brokers were placed. This affected the market globally: on the one hand, it made all its participants safe, and on the other hand, it has severely limited business development of brokers who didn’t have large investments at the beginning to acquire a financial regulator license. For them, it became more difficult to promote their services and look for prospective clients – traders. The restrictions came into force two years ago, which means that top-performing ad platforms like Facebook Ads and GoogleAds have blocked all ads from unregulated brokers.

Even though today the shock stage with the introduction of restrictions on unregulated brokers has been left behind, the ban on digital marketing negatively affected the global Forex business. Existing offshore brokers who took new clients primarily from contextual marketing and targeting suffered the most.

Due to the current situation, we have studied in detail the current draft laws and prepared a special guide for offshore brokers, where we collected all possible advertising options at the moment and described each of the options in detail. Despite the bans, there is still room for advertising. Companies of unregulated forex brokers can post paid content in thematic publics, create allowed services to collect traffic and invest in filling Google search with content for the most popular and important search queries.

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It is worth advertising your services to offshore brokers on available sites, of which there are many on the network. There are many different resources on the Internet, including specialized financial forums with high traffic or various business portals with broker rankings and interviews. Popular sites are quickly indexed, which means that potential customers will notice you.

An equally important step in the entire digital marketing campaign and advertising is the appearance of your broker. Usually, this means a trading platform, but do not forget about the official website, because the target audience of the unregulated broker will be directed to it. Our company has a service of creating a landing page for a broker from scratch on a turnkey basis, which would be ideal for informing the target audience. A professional, presentable and transparent website is very important for a complete and competitive broker.

As it is already clear, the advanced types and formats of marketing among unregulated brokers have already changed a lot, and the competitive field has expanded to new platforms for placement, with a high SOV (share of voice; advertising voice) and a target audience just for Forex services. If you would like to learn more about advertising for brokers, check out our Marketing Tips for Brokers guide for detailed step-by-step instructions for each type of advertising. We have also posted special tips from our forex marketing experts who will help you find your first clients in the forex market. In our guide, you will find all the universal principles of online promotion that an unregulated forex broker should know and apply to attract its potential customers and gain loyalty and trust in its service.

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